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Many of us have the gift or burden of sharing in other people’s feelings. This can be overwhelming. If we are sharing with someone who is in pain the results can be hard. 111 more words


Who I Am and Other Randomness

I have been subbing junior high and high school technology, business, and college and career readiness classes.  These classes are great for students because they teach them things that they will have to know and be able to do in the “real world.”  One of their projects included creating a portfolio for potentential employers.  995 more words

Day 10- the gift of time...

I’m keeping this one short as I have lots of days to catch up on!

The pace of life at the moment is so crazily busy I’m not quite sure which way is up sometimes, and it is so easy to get swept away with it all and just keep speeding to the next thing. 150 more words


When You're Not Working Don't Work

The title sounds a little obvious doesn’t it? Disconnecting from work may sound easy for a lot of people, but with more communication and business happening online, it’s something that can affect a lot more people than 10 years ago. 386 more words

Nick Momrik

Just Enough

Too much screen time. Not enough free play. Too much fruit. Not enough vegetables.  Too much yelling. Not enough patience. Too much discipline. Not enough free passes. 405 more words


CHANGE Starts TODAY, well, yesterday or maybe last week?

Changes don’t start unless YOU do.

This week I have made huge changes in my life and it is all because I am starting to see that I AM IMPORTANT TOO! 576 more words


New Set of Songs & Expanded Horizons

I just read on the role of education and the purpose of it: why, for whom, what shall it teach, and how shall we teach it? 488 more words