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The Empty Poet

He searched the floor of his life for more words,

but there were none.

In his day, he waxed quite elegant, his inimitable style admired… 253 more words


I’m a feeler. Some people use their instincts and some their logic.

I feel.

Over time I’ve navigated what it felt like to trust myself. I’ve always wanted to work it out myself, which means lots of ‘mistakes’ ‘failings’ ‘yuk feelings’.

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Cognizant Nugget

I heard in the crosswords

Cain killed the Keeper of the Sheep

“Learn something¬† every day”

For most of it though¬† don’t go and lose sleep


Working with Charcoal

Using charcoal, my class and I practiced drawing a particular area from a still life set up. Laura Sweeney took the time to show us some of her work like a drawing of a gentleman, an owl, and drew her own portion of a still life to show the class how she uses charcoal and the subtractive method to her advantage. 182 more words


What did you say?

Recently, my granddaughter, who is taking linguistic anthropology said that she realizes that people seldom understand each other. Language can mean so many different things. If we grew up in different places our usage of words can be very different from others. 218 more words


Anxiety tool

This is a short one, I was sitting at my computer writing and I started feeling some anxiety.

The kind of anxiety that comes out of nowhere and has no pin pointed trigger. 153 more words


Why Small Colleges Are The Best

I go to a very small, liberal arts college in southeast Michigan. As I was growing up I always saw myself going to a big school and being in a big sorority but then I ended up at Adrian College and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. 385 more words