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Neurotypicals Take Note – Accepting Compliments

What do you say…?

How often has someone said that to you? Or how often have you said it to your student or child? The problem is, the answer is a lot more complicated than just “Thank you.” 388 more words


Yoga Every Day - TO CREATE

Today I am feeling very contemplative and introspective. I suppose it comes from doing yoga in the morning for the first time in a while and then the awesome thunderstorm during the day. 231 more words


The Hormonal Equivalent of a Birthday Party Gone Wrong

Imagine you are at a 4 year old’s birthday party, for whatever reason. Are you a parent? Are you a child? Or are you the clown? 686 more words

Homemade BURGERZ

Homemade Turkey Burgers.


  • Turkey mince
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • 2xegg

Put all of this into a big bowl and mush it together with your hands (slightly gross but also fun). 107 more words


Dive in

Времето минаваше, в ума му звучеше отново и отново музиката. Същата, която си спомняше от техните срещи. Песните се повтаряха, но досадата отсъстваше. Интересен факт – как нещата, носещи със себе си топлина и щастие, можеха да бъдат преиграни толкова много пъти в съзнанието, без да стават банални.


Yoga Poses for Abdominal Strength

Yoga is great for both your mind and body, but for the non-yogis among us, the idea of incorporating a regular yoga practice into your health and fitness routine can seem daunting and uncomfortable. 433 more words


Soft serve & hard work

It is hard to believe that Memorial weekend is here! =) =) =) I write this post while sitting on my back deck listening for Mr. 279 more words

Women's Running