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In Finding Balance, You Are Not Alone. FEATURING: Mrs Preye Uboh and Mrs Uchechi Emerejohnson.

Do you ever wake up and frown at the morning for coming too soon? How do you find balance with that? Nmmm

You just wish you could wish away all that you had waiting for your attention but reality stares you stone hard on the face and tells you to get up and get moving because one more second on that bed could keep you racing through the rest of the day…

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Clock time, psychological time...what?

The other day I mentioned something called clock time and psychological time. Those that have read Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now, will be familiar with this(I am unaware of other authors that may have mentioned it) and those that haven’t heard about such an existence…let me… 525 more words

F&F Diary: Wednesday 20th September

Morning Vitamins, 5am:

2 X Vitamin D Tablets, 1 X Multivitamin and 2 X BCAA Tablets

Morning Tea, 6.30am:

1 X Peppermint Tea

1 X Mango Berroca with 400ml Water… 191 more words



I have no idea when or why I started or saved this title-Quiet.

I love quiet. It soothes me. It slows me.  I benefit from quiet times. 92 more words


Gluten free Chocolate Chip Sunny Buddies

Earlier this year I decided I would try the infamous elimination eating approach, the Whole30. I could write at length about my experience over those 30 days, but that’s another post. 449 more words

Mental Health


It is not always easy to maintain a tranquil and balanced mind when work pressures mount, or we have a lot of evaluation reports to complete. 54 more words


The Day I Learnt to Be Angry

I want to share my latest AirBnB review with you:

“Maren is a quiet, easy-going guest.”

There you have it. I’m officially kissing goodbye to all that German rigidity. 720 more words

How To Live A Happy Life