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give thanks!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

In this week leading up to Thanksgiving, I thought I would focus on gratitude.  While gratitude is something I try to practice daily, at this time of year being thankful comes to the forefront! 136 more words

Ripples And Reflections

Letting Go of The Illusion ~ Part Two

Happy Tuesday, Love Beans! It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Before I get started, I’d like to encourage you to read these two excellent posts that talk about our NOW. 1,750 more words


Early Bird Routine

There are morning people and then there are people who have never really scene a sunrise. I am the type of person who goes to bed early just so I can get up early the next morning. 396 more words

Positive Prose: Moving on

You will see first hand.
Too often we are afraid of their power, their power that unbeknownst to them has that control over us because we allow them the right. 204 more words


All Work - No Play

Keeping your nose to the grindstone will only get you so far. You’ll never advance if you can’t socialize. Start small, then learn to work the crowd, today.

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Right vs Wrong

Sometimes we know what we have to do, and yet we choose to do something else. Sometimes we consciously choose to do the wrong thing. Because right then, for you, the wrong thing is the right thing to do. 420 more words


FRIENDS--- for LIFE???

I walked back home today with a gang of friends. Point to be noted, this is not “my gang”. These are a group of friends whom I happen to know right since my first semester of college. 524 more words