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Helpful Hint #17: Midterm Season

Hello Readers!

I don’t want to sound too redundant in this post, but because we’re right in the middle of midterm season I want to provide you with a few more tips to make studying more bearable. 235 more words


Turning in Circles

When was the last time you turned in circles and then stopped to breathe until the world stopped spinning? A few days ago, I was at my son’s sitting outside with our in-laws who are visiting from New York State. 468 more words


Dear January,

Dear January,

Where have you gone? You have no idea how excitedly I was waiting for You and you abandoned me without a word! End of last year, I was impatiently counting the days till the day of your advent. 843 more words


Stop Making Your Life Into a Balancing Act

The desire to be a jack of all trades is a slippery slope. It’s nice to be in control of many things at once. But this sort of balancing act requires an endless succession of compromises. 146 more words

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We so easily take care of others. We serve them with joy. We motivate and encourage them. We go out of our way to let them know they are appreciated. 132 more words


How To Take A Mental Break

Taking a mental break doesn’t make you lazy!

Everyone needs a day to just recuperate and refresh.
I realize I basically took this whole week off from blogging, but to me, it was… 645 more words


Your High Intensity Feelings May Be Tiring You Out

When we think of Thriving as being always elated or excited several problems occur. First, we are not acknowledging the full spectrum of our experience. We are requiring our body and brain chemistry to run on full blast which can cause fatigue and a feeling of burnout. 97 more words