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A step back is not a step backward

Not going to lie, I completely forgot to prep today’s post. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out the healthiest balance of responsibilities, personal activities, and time to just… not do anything. 730 more words

Focus under pressure

Ever feel like the rabbit in those old time cartoons that runs along the track and a pack of canines is running after it? I think we have all had those kind of days where everyone is after you and you are out simply trying to do your thing. 375 more words

What you eat after you climb rocks

Okay so maybe this is more of a what I eat after I climb rocks, but maybe you eat these things too after climbing rocks?!? 267 more words


Miracle Morning Day 146

Good morning. How is your hump day? In other words, how is your Wednesday? Is the week already taking you for a ringer? Or are you having fun? 570 more words

Journal Entry

Is It Time? Warriors of the Rainbow

Messages from Russell Means and a link to prophecy of The Warriors of the Rainbow. Russell’s life was spent bringing awareness … He was not alone in his message … and he still is not. 19 more words


Are you Moving for the Right Reasons?

Messages telling us to exercise and keep moving are everywhere, and we all know we should be doing some sort of movement on a daily basis, but the question as to why and what the right type of movement is gets blurred. 622 more words