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Quick Thoughts: Sony's Hybrid Evolution, from A to Z

Editor’s Note: This thing was supposed to come out months and months ago; it somehow slipped through the cracks. Better late than never, though.

Sony has been making a big push with its hybrid earphone models. 546 more words


Fidue A83: A different kind of hybrid sound

Editor’s Note: Victor drops a hybrid review. Please note that the Fidue A83 was provided to CYMBACAVUM free of charge as a review sample.

Hybrid IEMs, usually with a mix of dynamic drivers for bass, and balanced armature drivers for the mids and the treble, have been around for some time now. 1,312 more words


LachlanLikesAThing: Nuforce Primo 8

A while ago, Lachlan published his video review of the Nuforce Primo 8. His views are a bit different from those of Mr. T’s (read his review on the… 15 more words


Balanced Armature Drivers: They're Small!

User hardcorist on the Russian language forum Player.ru posted this photo of various BA drivers from different models:

Did they really take apart all these earphones? 19 more words


Lachlan Likes the Sony XBA-H3

Editor’s Note: A while ago, Lachlan posted this video and in-depth review into the Sony XBA-H3 on his personal blog. It deserves a second look here. 1,634 more words


Found: Prototype Sony XBA-H3?

This picture was found hidden within the Sony Japan website.

Looks like a prototype of the XBA-H3…

Products don’t appear out of thin air. They need to be developed!


More on the EarSonics SM64

Editor’s Note: Mr. T made some very short comments on the SM64 a few months ago when it first came out; here, TheDigitalFreak fleshes out his thoughts on the SM64… 809 more words