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Congress votes to destroy Social Security, 233-184

Those April showers have drowned the media this year with reports of a petulant, prosthetic protuberant princess, also know as “What’s Her Name” or “Smarmy Scandals.” 2,038 more words

Social Security

House Fails to Pass GOP’s Balanced Budget Amendment

Published in Woonsocket Call on April 15, 2018

Following the recent passage of the $ 1.3 trillion omnibus government spending bill and the massive GOP tax cut bill that added more than a $1 trillion to the nation’s despite economic growth, and with midterm elections looming, the House GOP leadership quickly acted to tackle the spiraling nation’s deficit by bringing H.J. 1,198 more words


Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 358

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Cheers – the day has finally arrived – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will induct the Moody Blues this Saturday! 554 more words


House Rejects Goodlatte Balanced Budget Amendment

Critics of Washington spending say something needs to be done to reign in the excess, and one Virginia Congressman is pushing for a new constitutional amendment to make it happen. 17 more words

Virginia's News

Swamp-Creature Republicans Think They Can Atone for a Spending Binge with a Hollow (and Sure-to-Lose) Vote for the Wrong Version of a Constitutional Amendment

My major long-run project during Obama’s presidency was to educate Republicans in Washington about the need for genuine entitlement reform. I explained to them that the United States was doomed, largely… 1,030 more words

Big Government

Honest Governance Requires Balanced Budgets

There’s hardly been a more opportune time to demand a Constitutional balanced budget amendment than after GOP’s record $4.4 trillion federal budget, which is set to generate deficits of… 716 more words

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