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How to Balance the Budget

   By Bob Shapiro

The US federal Budget has been in Deficit for generations. Our leaders in Washington have borrowed from our children without any prospect that the money will be paid back, at least not in Dollars with anywhere near the same value. 793 more words

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A Federal Balanced Budget: Not a Cure-All, but Definitely Not a Bad Idea

To all the people who believe that a constitutional requirement forcing Congress to pass a balanced budget every year will make the federal debt (and yes, there is a difference between a debt and a deficit: deficit being how much money we have to borrow per year, debt being how much money we have borrowed in total over the history of our nation) go away, I’m afraid that is just simply not true. 695 more words


Putting Uncle Sam on a Diet

By Bob Shapiro

I have written several times that every Dollar that our government spends must come out of the private, productive sector of the US Economy. 876 more words

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MT Legislature: It’s a Circus!

Back in January I wrote about legislators heading to Helena with the best intentions, but for some reason they end up drinking out of the “stupid fountain” that must be somewhere down a dark hall in the capitol. 438 more words

Jon Tester

"Paths To The Presidency": John Kasich And The Road Less Taken, Because It Goes Nowhere

Last month I spent a few minutes mocking a Cleveland Plain Dealer story that suggested big donors might hunt down Ohio Gov. John Kasich as he traipsed around the Mountain West plumping for a balanced budget constitutional amendment, and beg him to become the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. 589 more words


Rand Paul's SOU Rebuttal

Senator Rand Paul, a likely 2016 Presidential candidate, has given a rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. It offers a real opposing viewpoint, with specific policy suggestions, rather than the usual platitudes that too often mark opposition party remarks. 347 more words

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Creating 35 Million New Jobs

   By Bob Shapiro

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the US has 156 million people 16 and over, who make up the civilian labor force – 8.7 million of these are out of work. 741 more words

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