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Email #92, Subject: "Balance the Budget"?

When I visited your office in DC, I noticed a faded pillow on your sofa. Your communications director Beth Breeding told me you receive summaries of constituent letters by email and read them at your desk, so the pillow is probably sitting behind you right now. 360 more words

Balanced Budget

More Evidence that Balanced Budget Rules Don’t Work as Well as Spending Caps | International Liberty

…consider the fact that balanced budget requirements haven’t prevented states like California, Illinois, Connecticut, and New York from adopting bad policy. Or look at France, Italy, Greece, and other EU nations that are fiscal basket cases even though there are “Maastricht rules” that basically are akin to balanced budget requirements…

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Louisiana- State Number 8 Convention of States

By Taryn O’Neill Via Legal Insurrection-
Last week, Louisiana passed a resolution calling for a Convention of States as described in Article V of the U.S.

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Article V Convention Of States