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How to Deal With Difficult Emotions

We all go through times when difficult emotions arise and we have trouble working through them. It’s a part of being human and interacting with each other. 646 more words

Balanced Living

A Self-Care Guide for Difficult Times

These are, in fact, difficult times.

Social injustice, racism, terrorism, hate.

It’s everywhere: news, social media, television.

It’s always in the challenging times, the times of crisis, when we tend to lose hope and gain fear. 880 more words

Balanced Living

How Mr. Spock Helped Me Find Jesus

Anyone who cares to really know me knows that I am more than a Star Trek “fan;” I’m a little bit of a nerd/geek when it comes to the entire collection, beginning back in 1966. 974 more words

Balanced Living


I’ve used the saying ‘I don’t have time’ more often than I would like to admit. It truly is an excuse that is widely accepted. People are extremely busy 283 more words


A Little Change is All It Takes

I’ve had a good day! Have you had a good day? I read lots of articles, blogs, newsletters, books, and professional journals about a whole assortment of things, from apathy to zoology.  968 more words

Balanced Living

Settling In

Moving is stressful. Anyone who has done it knows that. Our recent office move was particularly stressful for two reasons: we were going from more space per person to less, and we were blending three offices, with diverse cultures, into one. 755 more words

Balanced Living