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7 ways to spring clean your business and your life

Sitting outside this morning with my coffee and listening to the birds chirping and the bees buzzing just outside my office I was motivated to start cleaning my desk, my calendar and eventually my business overall. 928 more words

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The Balanced Life Myth


I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day when we started to talk about living a balanced life. After our conversation, I reflected on what she had shared with me and what the word BALANCE really means. 2,938 more words

April Abs pt 🌱💪

It’s Day 2 of April, and I am on a roll! 💨🔥Yesterday I completed an at-home cardio circuit, and today it was weight training at the gym! 278 more words

It's in the bag

Some people collect coins, stamps or travel souvenirs, I collect boxes and containers. I delight in the process of selecting what to put in a container, then choosing where to place it. 761 more words

Balanced Living

Why You Aren't Losing Weight 😡

Do you workout regularly, but don’t see any changes? Are you sticking close to your diet & then letting loose all weekend?🍸 I have just the answers to your weight loss questions! 652 more words

Balanced living

We spend most of our days with demands facing us from every angle. Then there is also what we want to do as well. Children demand our time, as does work, as do friends, as well as parents, the need to do shopping, go to the gym, out for a drink, and so on and so on. 479 more words

Happy Easter 🐇🍫

Happy Easter Friends! 🐇🍫 Who had a chocolate binge today? I know I had a few nibbles of a chocolate bunny 😊🐇
I wanted to share this today, because I saw a lot of statuses on social media this morning, and almost every friend & acquaintance shared a photo of either them, or their kids, and a whole Lotta chocolate. 233 more words