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Beach Body BS

Summer is finally here, hauling body image issues in its wake. As the warmer weather slowly begins to seep its way across North America, posts and blogs about “how to get your best beach body” are trending like wildfire, causing women and men of all ages to panic, stress and frantically research quick ways to shed pounds. 1,322 more words


The Challenge with Wellness and Balance

I am a newly certified Holistic Health Coach and the program I attended, Institute for Integrative Nutrition (if you’re interested in hearing more about the school please reach out!) , was completely transforming. 1,005 more words


3 ways to overcome negative thinking

Negativity is a vicious cycle. We often mistake a “cup-half-empty” attitude as realism when, in reality, always expecting and seeing the worst in situations can be extremely harmful to your health and well-being. 648 more words


The Four Agreements

When I was approached with the idea of becoming an Amazon affiliate and incorporating products into my writing, I wasn’t thrilled. I hate selling things and trying to pretend that I’m not. 763 more words

Balanced Living

50 Simple Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Whether you’re young, old, gay, straight, married with children or just starting out, here’s 50 things you can do to make the honeymoon phase last forever: 361 more words


Combating Depression Drug-Free

Depression directly effects 25% of North Americans each year. That might not seem like a very large number, but when you consider that nearly ¾ of mental health problems begin in childhood or adolescence, it becomes a statistic worth crying over.    2,592 more words


The Ultimate Plan for a Kickass Weekend

We can all agree that weekends are too short. The “Monday Blues” has become a widespread epidemic from which few people are immune. If you’re worried your prognosis is grim, here’s a few ways to make the most of your weekends. 500 more words