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Loose Weight with Only this Tip!

Many of us have read hundreds of tips all over the internet on how to eat healthy and loose weight and sometimes we follow them and sometimes we don’t or we tend to forget. 997 more words



Just the other day I felt a distinct craving for steamed veggies, particularly broccoli, which I’d had in the fridge for a few days! So I got to work on something that I could whip together in reasonably quick time and that ticked all the boxes for a “balanced meal”. 359 more words



Eating is important and we all know that,but having a balanced meal is also a must. Putting some vegetables on your favorite pork dish can give you lots of vitamins and minerals aside from the pork has (like protein,thiamin,zinc and phosphorous). 16 more words

 Every spring, we gravitate towards our traditional house makeover otherwise known as spring cleaning. We begin to vacuum out the collection of dust mites that seem to have grown a family in every nook and cranny; we scrub our walls and floors senseless wondering how the yellow substance even achieved to travel towards the ceiling; we rearrange the furniture to pretend we’ve been on an HGTV show; we’ve managed to organize the office aka junk room; sanitized the playroom; and sifted through unwanted clothing articles in hopes that Goodwill will even take them. 559 more words

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Feta & dried tomato filled chicken breast in bacon wrap

Crispy, tender, healthy and easy to prepare

A friend recently drew my attention to the fact that there are not a lot of meat dishes on the blog so far (the specific wording was “Where is the meat?”), so I figured it was time to change that. 750 more words


Make Time for Health

People often complain about not being able to take care of their health. When asked about “ME” time routines, they often throw in on the table how they are so busy with their jobs, household chores and other aspects that contribute to their daily grind. 462 more words