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Nourish Yourself With A Good Balance Of Healthful Foods

In most cases, people have a variety of thoughts on what constitutes effective and well balanced nutrition programs. The following article will give you some proven tips for making your diet healthier and more nutritious. 13 more words


The ~500 calorie starter lunch.

On a diet? Look at what you are having and at my lunch. This my friends, is what 500 calories can look like. If you immediately have sad tugs in your chest, then that is your body telling you to stop digesting your stomach. 398 more words

Oh Get Stuffed

Courtesy of BA stuffed chicken with veggies Happy Eating Tough Spotters

Brazilian Ju Jitsu

Q Please Bring It Back 000 Quinoa

Courtesy of Jamie S Aka BA vegetarian Quinoa chilly Happiness is a great meal


Miracle Shrimps

Curry shrimps with miracle noodles fettuccine Happiness


Jar Salad

Mmmmmmm mushrooms asparagus baby baby lettuce small red tomatoes celery wine red sauce blood tomatoes mixed in a jar for mmmmm mmmm flavor Happy Days


Now This Is Paradise

Need I say more Happy Days there is a Heaven on Earth Happiness Tough Spotters