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New Discovery: balanced meal can help reduce socially anxious

The personal mood is controlled by the chemical process of eating and drinking. Having the right balance of various neurotransmitters available helps ensure that our responses and moods are appropriate to the given situation. 223 more words

Picky Eater - The Struggle is Real

“Kids, it’s dinner time!”  As you call over to the kids, you sit and wonder “Are they going to eat what I cooked tonight?”  Or maybe you don’t wonder at all.   320 more words


Lazy Mid-Week Lunch

When I thought to blog about my husband’s lunches, I never thought my very next post would be about my midday repast.

For two nights I have endured poor sleep and my days are pretty much zombie like. 443 more words

Low Carb

7 Delicious of Healthy Fats

It is a common misconception that fats in food make people fat. It is not true, it is sugar especially processed sugars that make people fat. 347 more words

Picky Eaters 101

Have you known children who love fruits and vegetables and eat a balanced meal three times a day?  Yeah, me neither! Heck, adults don’t always eat balanced meals.   446 more words


The Best Damn Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is one of those life staples for me, right up there next to water and fresh air. When done right, it has the perfect balance of carbs and fats that will keep me fueled for hours, which is why I eat it for lunch most weekdays. 156 more words

Spanish style baked eggs with chorizo

Ideal for breakfast or brunch and full of Spanish flavour, these baked eggs are super easy to make and will leave you content for the day ahead. 340 more words

Dairy Free