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I'm back from hiding under a rock! 

Hey Guys!!! ITS BEEN SOO LONG!! I’m so sorry for the mini break I took but life kinda happened and before I knew it, I was living under a rock! 892 more words

Balancing Life

Balancing School & a Toddler

I started school May 30th, hasn’t been long since I started and I’m on a roll on my second course passing with a 89% 💛 373 more words

Life As A Mother

I start from my right foot!

“If you don’t get on, you will fall,”

Yeah, that’s exactly what i keep telling to myself. It’s when I’m riding a ripstick that i tell myself this but the quotation is true for life too… 115 more words

NZONESkyDive Queenstown

Seven years ago my brother was in New Zealand. He jumped out of a plane. He went and did a bungy jump, or several. And did other silly, money munching, adrenaline pumping activities. 477 more words

Balancing Life

Japow to Concrete Peak

Well, it would be concrete if it were cold enough. Today is 23rd June. The shortest day of the year, in the Southern Hemisphere, has just slid by and we should be heading into the depths of winter. 544 more words

Balancing Life

Kia Ora!

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand!

I think there should be a competition between airlines for the most original safety video. If I were to judge the competition, the Air New Zealand’s clip would be on the shortlist. 656 more words

Balancing Life

Down Under

I’ve arrived in Queenstown, New Zealand, for season number 2 of 2016, and I am pretty excited. So excited in fact, that I decided to bake a cake; I have access to an OVEN! 864 more words

Balancing Life