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Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

Rest. I hate resting. I like to use my time constructively; to always be doing something that is productive and that gets me somewhere. To me, having a nap is wasting time. 836 more words

Balancing Life

"Just Keep Swimming"

We all struggle with specific weaknesses. The world seems to systematically lay obstacles in our way when we are least inclined to fight on. These tribulations always seem to contribute directly to our conundrums, but they are only there to encourage progress. 426 more words


The Fabric of Our Lives

Wrap a thread around the polar opposites

of freedom and responsibility.

Pull it tightly.

Over time, the ribbon weakens,

unable to connect the speed of this life… 6 more words


My Top 3 Favorite Elite Runners

I’ve never really been one to follow the journey of an elite runner, and maybe it’s because I never knew any personally until I moved to Bend in 2012. 1,062 more words


It's all about ME!!!

Lately, I have been having a major emotional struggle. I mean life has been too hard to mask. You know what I mean when I say mask. 1,000 more words

Lessons Learned

Balancing Life and Blogging?!

Balancing my life and blogging is very hard to do! But I tend to write a lot of posts at once and save them for later. 131 more words

Kader Allah

Assalamu aleikum,

Since it’s still Saturday morning here, Jumah Mabarak! :)


Jazak’Allah khair,

Papatia Feauxzar