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Circle of Friends and its Reality

It’s really true what they say. You can never achieve the perfect balance with relationships. It’s a matter of keeping the things that matter most. In my circle of friends, I realized each one is slipping off my fingers one by one uncontrollably. 246 more words

Balancing Life

4 Antidotes

In our childhood, parents assure that we are properly vaccinated to avoid any evil diseases in future and live life hale and hearty. Similarly I wish if people were born with pee-owned mental or emotional antidotes, what the world would have been?! 480 more words


A Minister's Life & Family

A small-church pastor can be an on-hands guy with laity helping him in the areas where he can use assistance: finances, maintenance, construction, church school, committees of numerous types, food pantries, transportation, and more. 365 more words


Cycling around Lac Léman

In 2011 (I think!), I was persuaded into cycling around Lac Léman/Lake Geneva. This is a 170-200km bike ride depending on what route you take. It’s a looong way. 817 more words

Balancing Life

Buzz's Big Day Out

Well, the clue is in the title – it was a BIG day out!

Saturday 12th August saw a brilliant turn out for Buzz’s main event this summer: 1,024 more words

Balancing Life

Balancing Life and Writing (or how not to do it)

Work/life balance. It’s the goal we strive toward – the Stanley cup at the end of a season – yet sometimes, it seems more of an urban myth. 378 more words


"Why do I do it, what can it be..."

I bruise like a peach. No, really; touch me and you’ll leave a mark.

At present my legs are a mess. Well, a little better as this is published. 660 more words

Balancing Life