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Get Over It: 5 Practices for Finding Your Own Balance

Out of three possible training sessions, I was available for only one: the session scheduled at 6 a.m. my local time. My kids usually wake after I’m already working, so naturally I assumed by biggest hurdle would be ensuring I was functional (and video-ready) around the same time the sun starts rising. 1,272 more words

Balancing Work And Family

Family Movie Review: Black Panther

Family movie night is a special treat in our home. Movie night is a break from our norm to take a virtual escape to places unknown while munching popcorn. 835 more words

Family Matters

Work, Family or Both....

The maid must wake early to prepare John then take him to school .Mommy is too busy because she wakes late but must get to work early. 220 more words


Through little eyes

Sometimes,  outlandish pursuits can masquerade as self care. In the name of individual growth, rest, or healing, popular culture would have us believe it’s all permissible if you’re looking after yourself. 409 more words

Mama Moments

Do the Childless Get Ripped Off at Work?

Childless employees, especially women, get the shaft in the workplace. Right? How many times have you watched a co-worker run off to watch a soccer game or take her child to the dentist while you had to cover her hours or finish her work because hey, you don’t have any kids to worry about? 490 more words

Day of the Girl

“Empowerment of and investment in girls are key in breaking the cycle of discrimination and violence and in promoting and protecting the full and effective enjoyment of their human rights”  138 more words

Single Moms

Let Them Help

You’re in the mindset of getting something done. You’re completely focused, and you have it timed to about when you will be finished. There is a shadow lurking near by, and suddenly you hear a voice that asks, “Mama, can I help?” It’s cute in thoughtfulness at first, but you think in your head the amount of time it will take to show your child what to do. 488 more words

Family Matters