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The value of music, and of being a musician

In my darker moments, sometimes I start thinking that being a professional musician (in the way I am currently doing it) is an inherently selfish act. 652 more words

Mine’s a double - Yet another challenge and kick in the teeth 

I am a single parent with twin boys. I don’t receive any financial support or any other input from the boys’ dad or his family. I am about to begin work two and half days so that we can afford to rent our own two bed house in the local town. 406 more words

Balancing Work With Family Life

Wednesday Writers-Balancing Work and Family with Janis Lane

Today Wednesday Writers is welcoming back Janis Lane, author of Murder in the Neighborhood. Janis will be talking about balancing work and family today.

One thing on my mind these days is how a person balances work and family. 304 more words

Wednesday Writers

Fall is in the air...

Literally it is!

I’m so excited for this blog. This blog is to be a journey into balancing being a wife, a mother, teaching, a house, and life! 120 more words

Balancing Work and Family

Before I became a mom, I would languish over decisions. Shall I eat breakfast at 9 or 10? I wonder if I feel like a cycle this afternoon…Hmm, should my dinner be popcorn or hummus? 429 more words

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How to Find a Work-Life Balance This Summer

While summer is a time of relaxation for some, it is also a time of stress and chaos for others. There are so many activities in the summer it’s hard to balance everything. 840 more words

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