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Let me try something... (Little Steps, part 1: Radishes)

I want to blog again. I do. And I probably could.

But it has become this Thing in my mind, this big, complicated, daunting thing. 141 more words


update: corn, pumpkin, burdock seedlings

Here are the corn seedlings, they all seem to be fairing well and enjoying the sunlight on our balcony. I don’t leave them out on our balcony overnight just yet because it’s still dropping to around 4-6 degrees C. 119 more words

Happiness is a warm allotment

On a day as warm as this, how could I not go to the allotment?

I’m using a combination of FIRE and my new edging tool to keep the weeds at bay, it’s more or less working so far. 412 more words


She's at it again...

I found some VERY deep saucers at Dunvegan a few weeks back and decided to give balcony gardening another go. This time I am reining it in at a dozen pots…giveĀ or take a few. 518 more words

Repurposed Balcony Planter

I have a pantry basket that is beautiful but much too big for my kitchen. I asked my sister if she wanted it, but she suggested that I make it into a planter instead. 51 more words


Burn them all

I derive arguably unhealthy levels of enjoyment from using my weed burner. Mine’s only a little one from Wilkos, but it more or less does the job. 335 more words


Why do we call her Charlie?

It started as a joke between J and I.

Having had no experience with any type of gardening before, my first plant was brought home on a whim from a wet market*. 454 more words

Balcony Gardening