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Homegrown chilli peppers

These peppers were meant to be small. This is the 3rd year that we have grown our own peppers. Christmas 2012 we got some tiny peppers, but quite hot peppers in Germany and baptised them  288 more words

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How To Water Plants Properly

It seems pretty straight forward, but one of the biggest problems gardeners have, and one of the most frequent questions they ask is, “Am I watering properly?” 724 more words

Balcony Gardening

October Flowers

Another grey day of heavy cloud.   Among the colourful stalls in the flower market, I was tempted by the warm, golden orange of these flowers, just starting to open from tight buds. 27 more words

Balcony Gardening

My Neighbor's Garden// 隣人の庭

A sense of longing rushes over me every time I open the front door and see my neighbor’s garden before me. I stand there rapt, examining the soft brown rows. 67 more words


How to Work With Nature to Minimize Pest and Disease Problems


An organic approach to pest and disease control can be both safe and effective.

Start With Prevention

  • Choose disease-resistant varieties. Many ornamental plants and vegetables have proven resistance to diseases such as canker, mildew, and rust.
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Balcony Gardening

Container Gardening Drainage

Container Gardening Drainage

Unlike ground gardening, there’s no need to put a weed or seed blocking layer first in your pots; just a piece of something like a stone, clay, bark, sponge or whatever’s handy, to go over the drainage hole or a thin layer of stones or clay bits and pieces to cover many holes if necessary. 192 more words

Balcony Gardening

Tips for a Beautiful Balcony Garden

No Yard, No Problem: Tips for a Beautiful Balcony Garden

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Not having a yard certainly doesn’t preclude anyone from having a garden. Balcony gardens can be intimate, manageable, useful, and absolutely stunning. 689 more words

Balcony Gardening