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Harvest Monday Tuesday - June 29 30, 2015

I keep trying to catch up with all the things I have to do, and instead, I fall further and further behind.

Like blogging. It’s been two weeks since I wrote anything, and I don’t even want to check how long it’s been since I posted anything other than a Harvest Monday post. 410 more words


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» June 27

Thrifty Gardening From the Ground Up by Marjorie Harris… 114 more words


How lives in my insect hotel?

After I came back from my holiday, I was nicely surprise. Someone has made a home in my insect hotel.

I was very puzzled what it could be, since I didn’t see what made the nest. 156 more words

Balcony Gardening

Independence 101: Gardening #1

One way to achieve personal independence is to grow your own food. Almost everyone can grow something somewhere, even if it’s just in a pot on the windowsill. 256 more words


Mr. Johns was right

So this summer, I had decided to grow food. It was going to be amazing–we’d plant a small balcony garden and we’d grow fresh peas, some herbs, some peppers… 289 more words

Balcony Gardening - Succulent Gardens

The Summer Solstice is past, Fourth of July is coming up. What if you forgot to water the flowers, the vegetable plants did not get enough sun and then it hailed! 220 more words

Container Gardening

Golden Oyster Mushrooms Pasta (Gelber Seitling) - Yum!!!

Hubs recently started experiementing in the garden, ‘planting’ a wooden stump impregnated with mushroom spores.  As it won’t produce until about August, a friend presented him with a few easy-to-cultivate, pre-impregnated mediums (straw, hay??) in plastic bags. 547 more words

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