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Bird in Hand

Every day at 11:30 The National Aviary has an Eagle Talk. This bird was a rescued bald eagle that fell out of its nest as a baby and has been nursed to a healthy adult at the aviary. 74 more words


The King of Sheep Creek

The dog salmon have returned home to Sheep Creek. They each were hatched here. They all will die here. Before that, they will scrabble for spawning space in the stream gravel. 180 more words


In the Wet

Usually, when Aki and I take this trail into the Treadwell Woods a gaggle of domestic geese give an alarm. This morning they are quiet. A pathetic looking eagle might be the cause for their silence. 199 more words


Eaglets in July

I was thrilled on Tuesday to get a glimpse of several juvenile Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge. I think that they are the eaglets that were born earlier this year and now it looks like they are almost fully grown. 173 more words


Feisty Birds

Even though we are at the height of summer, Fritz Cove and the beach seemed empty of life. Next winter, when cold, wet rain will slicken the shore rocks, eagles will roost in nearby trees and sea ducks and scoters will fish the offshore waters. 182 more words