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Headache for the head: an exigent discussion with a hair-cutter in the saloon

The hair-cutter shows the catalog and said, “Sir, please choose one as you prefer best for you.” 842 more words


Let's get bald!

Täna oli siis lõpuks see päev, kus võtsin asja käsile ja lõikasime mu juuksed maha. Eile hommikul juukseid kammides sain päris mõnusa peotäie ja mõtlesin, et aitab küll. 91 more words


Ah, I need to overwrite his memory... :p

Today I attended a journal presentation by my colleague, K san. She was working on gene hunting and protein function recognition all these while. Surprisingly, she selected a paper on the horizontal transfer of entire genomes in a flowering plant and went straight down to the evolution of the genes blarx3…. 526 more words

Yea, I NEED you~ ;)

Presentation done, I rated myself as 95% provided with the short preparation time and massive new information load. :D

Looking at the title of discussion I selected, Le Supervisor says: “I was surprised that you pick something out of our field! 183 more words

Join my roller coaster presentation ride ;)

Counting down: 4 days to Chinese New Year… While everyone is getting ready for the celebration, I am getting ready for my presentation tomorrow. :D… 121 more words

Darling, I have got bald head today! Again!!!

Need to get a specific connector for the experiment. It is readily available in the electronic store.

Le Supervisor is eager to buy it together with me: “Angelyn, you have a bike, I don’t. 214 more words