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Cunning Plan or Devious Plot?

Time to look ahead and maybe concoct something. Now seeing that this is the UK and November 5th is creeping up on us, I was thinking something explosive and controversial. 479 more words


deal or no deal? - not guilty!

Have you ever watched the Blackadder TV series? I think it is very funny — even after all this time. 669 more words


Stelvio swinging arm bearings , all carc models

A distinct lack of grease from new…these are going to be a problem for every owner. The problem will be compounded by other problems that you are trying to fix at the same time . 86 more words

Moto Guzzi

We're going on a cave hunt... Writing Caves # 6. The ultimate Cave

Now the end is near and so I face the final cave.

Here we are, my lovelies. In Writing Caves #5 we had a wander down memory lane, a hike through cafes and beds, took a bewildering detour past my kitchen table and got lost and slightly scared in the WORST CAVE VENUES EVER. 597 more words


Retirees Go Abroad – Ordinary Lives living in the UK –A cunning plan

As an avid viewer of Blackadder and his side-kicks Lord Percy and Baldrick, my attention is always grabbed by anything featuring Tony Robinson (Baldrick) now Sir Tony. 577 more words

Derbyshire Expeditions

Back on Track (Yesterday)

It was the day before New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Eve Eve, if you prefer) and muggins here made it home from the office at a decent time and decided to go for a run. 594 more words