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‘It is only in his music,’ says James Baldwin, ‘…that the Negro in America has been able to tell his story.’ Though this somewhat surprising assertion for a writer to make is taken from the opening sentence of ‘Many Thousands Gone’ in Notes of a Native Son (1964), in none of Baldwin’s writings is music more prominent than in Sonny’s Blues (1957), a short story about a suffering jazz musician living in Harlem. 2,708 more words


Cypress Swinging in the Breeze

 Here is today’s installment. I hope you enjoy…

Thomas stood on the terrace, surveying the lands now belonging to him. The sloping lawns, the wooded acres.

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"Collected Essays" - James Baldwin

“In our image of the Negro breathes the past we deny, not dead but living yet and powerful, the beast within our jungle of statistics.  It is this which defeats us, which continues to defeat us, which lends to interracial cocktail parties their rattling, genteel, nervously smiling air: in any drawing room at such a gathering the beast may spring, filling the air with flying things and unenlightened wailing.”

Quotes From Great Minds

Quality Data, Quality Healthcare Act Reintroduced

Senators Baldwin (WI) and Thune (SD) reintroduced their “Quality Data, Quality Healthcare Act” today, which aims at providing greater access to medicare and medicaid claims by modernizing and reforming the Qualified Entity (QE) program, which according to the Senators is too restrictive in its current form with respect to which organizations can participate and what QEs can do with the data once they are in the program. 83 more words


Uh oh (spaghetti oh's)

I can’t believe I missed Monday Musings! I just cannot believe it.

I take that back. I can totally believe that it completely slipped my mind. 304 more words


Alabama Coastal Sales About Even With Last Year

Baldwin County & Alabama Coastal MLS*: Observations for the Month of February 2014

Sales dollars increased 19% in February to $101,572,601 from January of $85,561,282. This is about even with February last year at $102,008,927. 486 more words

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