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Books Are Silent Films

I read somewhere that successful people read a lot. There were real numbers in that stat but the numbers aren’t important here.

I was a library assistant in high school. 687 more words

Black Book Lovers

It may be a blue House wave, but it's not yet a Senate one

Senate Democrats face a daunting task in retaking the majority this year, with several vulnerable incumbents running in GOP-friendly states. Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s race is expected to be one of the toughest. > Roll Call

Early totals show vulnerable Senate Democrats – like Tammy – raising big sums for upcoming midterm battle

Some of the Senate’s most endangered Democrats are stockpiling huge sums of campaign cash for what could be their party’s hardest-fought Senate election in generations. Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight recently called 2018 “the worst Senate map any party has faced ever or at least since direct election of senators began in 1913.” > USA Today

Blessed Baldwin Beauty - The Sarte's Maui Family Portraits

Wanting to capture a bit of the happiness that you can’t help but feel here, the Sarte Family was all smiles on a beautiful Baldwin Beach morning. 141 more words

How Wisconsin's political parties are talking about Tuesday's Dem victory

Wisconsin’s two major parties say the 10th Senate District results will drive their campaign strategies into the fall. Democrats say Patty Schachtner’s campaign exemplifies their ongoing game plan as they aim to unseat Gov. 21 more words