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Sexual Orientation May Already Be Covered by Discrimination Statutes... Maybe

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently ruled that discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal based on existing anti-discrimination statutes, and no new legislation is needed to ban sexual orientation discrimination.   699 more words


"Who are you now?"

In a 1961 interview, Studs Terkel asks Jimmy Baldwin after Baldwin’s first twenty years as a writer, “who are you, now?” Baldwin answers,

Who, indeed.

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James Baldwin Born on This Date

American novelist and poet James Baldwin born this day in 1924. He is best known for his first novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain.


Cooling it

“I had to go through a time of isolation in order to come to terms with who and what I was.” —James Baldwin http://t.co/m4DiM077hZ

— The Paris Review (@parisreview) …

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Vermont Inmates Voice Complaints About New Michigan Prison: No Windows, No Privacy, No Premium Movie Channel

BALDWIN, Mich. (AP) – Less than a month after Vermont’s out-of-state inmates were moved from a private prison in Kentucky to one in Michigan, prisoner complaints range from limited TV programming to unattended medical concerns. 509 more words


James Baldwin wants you to change the way you think

Yesterday my brother sent me a link to a song by Mateo Senolia and his timing couldn’t have been better. The song, “Baldwin” uses sound clips of James Baldwin giving a speech and in this speech, as in most of his speeches, Baldwin displays a great rhetorical power and shows the strength of his ideas regarding identity in America – an issue a lot of us have been grappling with lately as it relates to race and justice. 542 more words


"Collected Essays" - James Baldwin

“In our image of the Negro breathes the past we deny, not dead but living yet and powerful, the beast within our jungle of statistics.  It is this which defeats us, which continues to defeat us, which lends to interracial cocktail parties their rattling, genteel, nervously smiling air: in any drawing room at such a gathering the beast may spring, filling the air with flying things and unenlightened wailing.”

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