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Silly Poem #304


We all like variety in the bedroom,

some like stuff you wouldn’t believe,

my wife said sex is better on holiday,

not a nice postcard to receive…


Workers Ask Cindy Anything

Dear Cindy,
I work for a tree surgeon, cutting down trees. I always liked my job and it pays good. It’s the only thing I know how to do, but lately I wonder if what I do is wrong. 468 more words


Just out of shot,

the funny face

that they were all smiling at,

not forgotten,

though not in the picture,

the name,

etched forever

on the edge of the frame, 19 more words



For a moment,

I almost felt naughty

for listening,

my pristine page,

taunting the chewed pencil

as I try to capture characters

through an exercise… 39 more words



Old houses, abandoned playgrounds,

that live on in my memory,

derelict dreams, your smile –

forever haunting me.

The ghosts of kisses echo

in my sensibility, 47 more words


Unsubtle City

Labyrinthine lanes,

tangled web of walled-in walks,

the bustle of hustlers

and hobos who muster

the courage to traverse,

the adverse avenues

that the muse

of a city-slicker, stalks.


Glass Jaw on the Glass Ceiling

Walks in, breasts first,

bigots suggest impertinence,

everyone stands to attention,

notices, no implication

of reticence.


Walks in, chest first,

full of self-importance,

no one pays attention, 7 more words