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If the Candidates Were Characters in a '90s Action Movie: A 2016 Election Cheat Sheet

Iowa is behind us. That’s the good news. We don’t have to hear about Iowa anymore.

The bad news is that this whole charade has nearly another year left, and there is still a lot to keep track of. 2,989 more words


The Prestige (2006) Review

Before I dive in, I should say that I’m pretty much a Christopher Nolan fanboy. I really like his directorial style, and his movie are always fun to watch. 235 more words

All Shall Become Dust

How Being an NFL Fan is Like Being a Woody Allen Fan

With the Super Bowl approaching, it comes time to defend it. In some circles, this isn’t a challenge. In others, you have to justify how you can watch something with a clean conscience when the people behind and on the screen do bad things. 733 more words


How to Finally Become a David Bowie Fan

It’s a strange thing when a celebrity dies. Some people mourn for days or weeks or months. Others feel ostracized when it’s someone whose work they didn’t know, outside the world of grief. 744 more words


Real Madrid Belongs to Florentino Perez and No One Else

A lot of soccer teams hire and fire managers like they’re a dime a dozen. However, few do it as frequently or as infamously as Real Madrid.  949 more words


Classic Movie Review: The Big Short (2016)

Michael Burry (Christian Bale) is the founder of the Scion Hedge Fund.  He notices a trend in mortgage default rates,  based on the explosion of subprime mortgages written by banks. 672 more words