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#RetreatLife: Yoga in Bali & Cambodia

I took up yoga a year ago, looking for a slightly gentler form of exercise to do on my ‘rest’ days. Some people get hooked on yoga; I didn’t get hooked exactly, more pissed off that I wasn’t very good at it. 504 more words


Leak Bali

Leak adalah seorang manusia yang sedang mempraktekkan ilmu hitam dan memiliki perilaku kanibalisme.
Pada dasarnya ilmu leak adalah ilmu kerohanian yang bertujuan untuk mencari pencerahan lewat aksara suci. 845 more words


Pantai Mertasari

Pantai Mertasari merupakan pantai paling ujung dari deretan pantai yang berada di Sanur. tepatnya di Jalan Tirta Empul, Sanur, Bali.
Pantai merta sari berbeda dari pantai-pantai yang berada di sejajaran… 374 more words


travel theme: flutter

olive backed sunbirds, photographed a few days before they flew the nest

Sri Lankan paper cut

the flutter of an Indian dancer’s costume

Balinese temple pennants flutter in the breeze

sharing with Ailsa’s flutterings


Time for a Selfie

Title: Time for a Selfie

Date Taken: 30 December 2015

Camera: Nikon D3000

Settings: f/3.2 | 1/160 | 50mm | ISO 400


The selfie, or known as the “Daguerreian process” back in the day, confirms that a person was indeed present at a given moment. 10 more words


What Does It Mean to be Devoted?

Every year on our Bali Yoga Retreat we bring our tribe to an epic Kecak performance which depicts the Ramayana, an epic Sanskrit poem (and the most well-known portrayal of Hanuman.) It is the telling of the story of Rama including his friendship with Hanuman his devoted friend, protector, and warrior. 244 more words


Balinese Dance

In Bali there are various categories of dance; barong, pendet, baris, topeng legong, and kecak including epic performances such as the Mahabharat and Ramayana.

Balinese dances are not only a very ancient dance tradition but are an important part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people. 712 more words