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Baling Wire, Duct Tape, and Zip Ties, Oh My

As most of you may know, we live on a twenty acre piece of land in Texas. We call it a ranch, but by Texas standards it is probably not even an average size farm. 674 more words

Wire and Your Waste

Have you ever been curious about what happens to your waste after is leaves your bins? throwing your waste into a bin-liner is only the first step of the journey. 956 more words

Baling Wire

No Chewing Gum and Very Little Duct Tape

Our place is held together with baling wire. No kidding. The panels that create the horse paddocks are just wired to the posts, the new garden gate swings perfectly with the free wire hinges, the replacement hitch pin clip on the Gorilla Trailer – all just small pieces from the hundreds of baling wire wads that litter our ravine after years of (others) feeding livestock with small bales. 18 more words

All You Need to Know About Galvanised Wire and Its Uses

Wire, it is so ubiquitous to our lives that we barely notice it any longer. And, unless you work in an industry that requires the use of wire on a daily basis, then it is unlikely that you have considered all the different types of wire on the market, and the benefits of each. 1,091 more words

Baling Wire

Which Sectors Have Massive Needs In Baling Wire?

Baling wire is a form of wire that has been made of steel. As it is annealed, it is higher in carbon to give it the necessary strength,but remains flexible and bendable; this makes it essential for use in a number of different sectors, where it can be used as anything from a binding wire, to secure large bundles of material together, to reinforcing concrete or to mending a broken fence. 1,008 more words

Baling Wire

What Happens to Your Garbage?

It seems that these days everyone is into recycling or creating recyclable products. Just walk through any shopping centre or along any high street arcade and you can spot the trend instantly. 993 more words

Baling Wire

Goat Gab

The injured “kid” is healing nicely.  See the scab on his neck?  I couldn’t/wouldn’t post pictures of the wound before.  It needed to stay open (no stitches) so it could drain and it  looked just awful.  57 more words

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