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Pop and (Grandma) - a nocturne

The sweet scent of summer
The day is low, evening comes
Crossword’s done
He’s got the ball game 
On radio
Her knitting is still there… 12 more words



Release Date: 3rd March 2017
Nintendo Switch

A new console from Nintendo means new gimmicks to play around with, and what better way to experience all the ‘new’ than with a mini-game compilation showcasing all these features? 219 more words


What Happened at the Mayan Ballcourts?

Researchers say there are over 1,300 ballcourts that have been identified, with 60 percent of those being discovered in just the last 20 years. Many of those were practice ballcourts where people would come to play for fun or hone their skills. 113 more words


Self-improvement lesson 8. Don't live the life someone chooses for you. Live Your own life.

I remember getting a letter in the post from the Norwegian association for the blind one day. Not an unusual occurrence since I’m a member. But I remember this one well because of what happened after I opened it. 875 more words


Jesus in the Ball Game

The amount of times I’ve heard people cuss and swear and use the Lord’s name in vain during a football match. It’s quite staggering. Appealing to Jesus because the referee gave someone a yellow card, then appealing to God Almighty when it’s a red, and words I cannot describe when it’s a straight red. 330 more words


Grillo Portable Grill

Take it to the campground, the ball game, or anywhere else there’s meat to be charred. The Grillo Portable Grill is made to be moved. The light-weight barbecue folds up like an umbrella in a single movement to be easily be transported to any location. 78 more words

New Releases

Basic Crunches For Abs!

Doing yoga on the ball can benefit anyone, including strong, limber athletes. Raise the bar on your yoga workout by adding ball work. Poses done on the round surface challenge balance and build core muscles while helping you develop inner focus. 302 more words