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Ball Game is Today's Religious Topic of the Day (03/27/15)

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

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Mar 17, 2015 - [Tuesday] Black & White: Vendor

Toronto, Canada, taken on September 5, 2012

Badass vendor sighted at the SkyDome during a Blue Jays game! Can’t tell if he was just touching his face or talking on a micro-sized cell phone, but anyone who is able to walk while supporting an entire snack rack on his head deserves my respect :P… 6 more words


Poem of the Day

Not Out
by N. McMullin


The Bowler,

Streaks in.

Long limbed,


With intent, he glares at me.


Under my helmet.

I tap my bat. 67 more words

Poem Of The Day

The Ball Game of Mesoamerica

by Mark Cartwright
published on 16 September 2013

The sport known simply as the Ball Game was popular across Mesoamerica and played by all the major civilizations from the Olmecs to the Aztecs. 1,236 more words


The Ball Game

The sagas reflect how highly play was valued by the Norse people. One of the most important games was “the ball game” (knattleikr in Old Norse.)  It is never fully described in the sagas, but it occurs often as an integral part of the storylines of the heroes. 386 more words