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Woman Puts Man On Flex Cam To Shame

There’s the Kiss Cam at sporting events and then, there’s the FLEX CAM! Haha!

I would so suck on the flex cam because I just don’t have muscles but this guy was legit.  This girl was just better. :)


Hitman Holla (@hitmanholla) Says Cassidy turned down $100K battle (Freestyle) also mentions Beta & more

Hitman Holla apparently had a lot on his mind these last couple of weeks as he drops a new untitled freestyle with DVNworld.com . During the Freestyle of course he had bars but he had somethings to get off his chest including battle legend “Cassidy” rumored to have turned down $100,000 to go a few rounds with  St.Louis’s own legend, & he also speaks on B.E.T  black ball, Funk Flex, & more enough reading check out the video below.

St.Louis Hip Hop

This Beruang Was Taken To The Ball Game

Hermes updated his Instagram. Lucky Bear, drinking Kool Aid and chilling.

And he also went to see a ball game.

Tennessee Smokies vs Chattanooga Lookouts. … 45 more words

Bounce Ball Game {JVSP}








var gameWidth = 360

var gameHeight = 320

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Take me out to the Ballgame

One thing you will quickly learn being over in Asia is that Asians love baseball!  We learned that Korea is no exception and decided to catch a game. 491 more words

Ball Games

Aston taking time out form chasing the ball in the river. At Landacre Bridge, Withypool.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Hot dogs, beer, béisbol. Probably in that order. #helloHouston 

Thank you, Houston. You were da best.