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Christmas Snowman Ball Game

The majority of our Christmas shopping has been done online this year, and the parcels have been arriving thick and fast, leading to a good selection of boxes. 188 more words


Experiencing Scripture

Reading Scripture and quoting Scripture is one thing….experiencing Scripture is a whole other ball game.

Food For Thought

Marble Madness (1984)

Marble Madness är en av dessa spel som fastnar i ens minne. Personligen har jag aldrig spelat det som arkadspel men på Amigan på 80-talet och grafiken var fantastisk och musiken psykedelisk. 213 more words


Summer soccer 

Summer Soccer started tonight, and although we lost, and by lost I mean we got badly destroyed, the boys still had a great time.

The weather couldn’t have been worse mind you, it was cold and wet and gloomy but all that parents still rallied around cheering on our boys. 28 more words


3 Ways To Strike A Homerun With Homemade Pizza

Golden, flavourful and highly addictive, these effortlessly healthy pizzas are guaranteed to knock it out of the ballpark!

Much like myself, cheering on both teams at the recent baseball game,  970 more words


Woman Puts Man On Flex Cam To Shame

There’s the Kiss Cam at sporting events and then, there’s the FLEX CAM! Haha!

I would so suck on the flex cam because I just don’t have muscles but this guy was legit.  This girl was just better. :)