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Some days…you just have to go through your things and rearrange a bit. Mom and I call this “piddling.”

Turquoise Ball jars are one of my favorite things. 43 more words

Everyday Stuff

Apple cider vinegar

Google apple cider vinegar and you’ll discover a myriad of uses. It can be used as a non-toxic cleaning solution, hair conditioner (my personal favorite), fabric softener, cooking ingredient… I could go on and on. 277 more words

Happy Holidays!!!

The holidays are upon us! Have you finished shopping?

This year I am avoiding shopping for gifts at all. That’s right, I’m not buying anything for anyone! 327 more words

Homemade Eggnog... Salty air & glitter style

Well this one is going to change your holiday life…. Yep! I have been making this eggnog for years!…. You see my dad has made this rocket fuel called eggnog with a whole bottle of Bushmills go like EVER…. 178 more words


Recipe: Tropical Chia Pudding

For the last several years my breakfasts have consisted of one of two options. Hot outside? Yogurt. Cold outside? Oatmeal. I love both options a whole bunch and find them incredibly versatile. 374 more words

How To's

Canning Chili

My ever so wonderful border collie decided yet again that the appropriate time to wake up is in fact before the sun….even on the weekend.  I decided to take this time to can some turkey chili for myself.   212 more words

Super Easy Homemade Vanilla Extract... Salty Air & Glitter style

I was gifted homemade vanilla a few years ago for Christmas & it is truly the most amazing gift I have ever gotten. I love that there are just 2 ingredients & no toxic crud. 143 more words