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Minimalism, now to organize!

So, you’ve decluttered, purged, and got rid of the stuff(at least for this round,)and things look pretty good.

Now comes some organizing. Let the fun begin. 217 more words

Quick Gift For Girls

Last minute, I decided to do quick thoughtful gifts for my sisters. One of my sisters-in-law is hosting the family Christmas party so I thought these gifts would be cute for all the older girls. 246 more words


Fearless Friday, Elephants and Painted Jars

Do not be fearless if you are in the path of Hurricane Irma, please stay safe!  We are watching closely, feeling very lucky to not be in the path this time.   756 more words

Recipe Box

Making Apple Syrup

Fruit syrup is a delicious and inexpensive alternative to maple syrup for locales where sugar maples don’t grow and it certainly beats the store-bought, artificially flavored and colored corn syrup that is marketed as “pancake syrup.” 382 more words

Food Storage

Peaches, Again

Almost a year ago, I canned peaches. I explained that my family has come to expect peaches at Christmas. Maybe they’re being polite, or maybe there is something special about peaches canned at the peak of the season. 638 more words


Handling the peaches ...

Three years ago, we planted several fruit trees on the property in addition to the existing large smokehouse apple tree. We hoped to get some fruit we could can and use throughout the year. 617 more words

Grocery Store Roses

You guys! It’s smokin’ hot here! Like you feel grody when you step outside kind of hot. I know..I know…it gets hot every year in the summer…but this week it’s very much like the song. 146 more words

Fluffin' The Nest