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Snail Mail & Rotary Phones

Yesterday, I was feeling crafty and created a note card. It’s blank inside for a personal message. The outside says Hello. (Sing it in your true Adele, no one in the car with you, way!) 379 more words

Jam It, Can It and Spread It

“The canning adventures continue…and it’s getting good. My skills that is!”

Silent Echo

The less fancy way of saying the next step is “remove the nasty tops of strawberries, rinse them off and start smashing them to pieces in mixing bowl with hulk hand power.”

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Off Grid Living

Adventures in Avoiding Plastic Week 3

I have come a long way in my journey of ridding myself of plastic in my life. I packed my lunches in glass jars. I packed my leftovers in glass jars. 348 more words

Finding Cheap Alternatives to Plastic (Replacing Plastic Food Containers and Water Bottles)

In listening to the audio book of Plastic Free, I realized that continuing to reuse plastic containers and water bottles was not good for me. Apparently, it’s not just BPA plastic that leeches into your food and drinks, it’s many of them. 513 more words

Flowers + Ball jars

Can we talk about how amazing fresh flowers are?! Or how amazing Ball jars are?

I’ve received flowers this month and all I have wanted to use is canning/Ball jars. 244 more words

Lifestyle Fyle


Some days…you just have to go through your things and rearrange a bit. Mom and I call this “piddling.”

Turquoise Ball jars are one of my favorite things. 43 more words

Everyday Stuff

Apple cider vinegar

Google apple cider vinegar and you’ll discover a myriad of uses. It can be used as a non-toxic cleaning solution, hair conditioner (my personal favorite), fabric softener, cooking ingredient… I could go on and on. 277 more words