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My Snake

I had plenty of photos of my snake and I figured might as well make a blog post. My snake is about 6 years old and is a ball python. 97 more words



Logically, the next butts to write about are our slitherbutts, since they were the next additions to the clan after Head Butt (HB). The first snake we got was our corn snake, Zmeya. 1,605 more words

Tea with Isabel

There is a small enclosure sitting on the desk where I write, research and do much of my stationary work.

Isabel lives in there.

Isabel is a juvenile Baird’s Rat Snake (Pantherophis bairdi) and I am enormously fond of her. 1,013 more words



Morph: Albino

Known Health Problems: No

Contributor: sin-cere-ly-moi

Ball Python


Morph: Clown

Known Health Problems: No

Contributor: cornsnoot

Ball Python

Fire Banana

Morph: Fire Banana

Known Health Problems: No

Contributor: the-love-of-snakes

Ball Python

Super Pastel Cinnamon

Morph: Super Pastel Cinnamon

Known Health Problems: Yes. Super Cinnamon Pastels can have duckbill and on rare occasions kinking.

Contributor: the-love-of-snakes

Ball Python