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Dearest Reader,

Hello.  My name is Zucca, and I am an author.  Clearly you’ve come here for a reason though… I might warn you now that if you’ve come to me seeking the secret to life, I don’t have it.  242 more words

Author Babble

The Shedding Process

The shedding of a reptile can seem to be a peculiar event, especially if you have never had a pet that has shed it’s own skin before. 448 more words

Ball Python

Feeding a Snake ***Caution - Dead Bait***

***Please note that pictures below show dead bait (small animals) which some may find offensive***

When feeding a snake there are rules that you must obey so you do not get hurt during feeding time. 494 more words

Ball Python

Jackson - Corn Snake

I have a corn snake called Jackson. He is four or five years old. At the moment he is shedding. When they shed do not get them out as they will bite you. 82 more words

Ball Python

Charlotte - The Ball Python

I have a ball python and her name is Charlotte. We don’t know her exact age but she is about 6-8 month old. She has recently just come back after she escaped; she was missing for about 2 month. 33 more words

Ball Python

Hello world!

Welcomed to my blog. I have just today purchased a skink called Alan and I also have a 4 year old Corn Snake called Jackson and a 6 month old Ball Python called Charlotte. 23 more words

Ball Python

Pet shop owner using technology to catch thieves

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) –   He’s the king of things that creep and crawl, and also helping catch criminals.

‘This is real similar,’ says James Brumley, owner of Exotic Amphibian Reptile Center.  281 more words