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Yea..I am Getting my own Snake

Not been blogging in a while as work has kept me quite busy but got some time so thought try and get back into it. Got some exciting news as well, the wife has finally agreed to me having a snake at home. 286 more words


Reptile Beginner’s Dos and Don’ts, Part 2

In the last post, we looked at beginner-friendly lizards. In part 2 of this 4-part series, you’ll meet a few of the best snakes for an inexperienced owner. 920 more words

Reptile Beginner's Dos And Don'ts

3am things

Haha man, what even am I? I have no idea. Clinically depressed almost certainly… But not in the mood to get put on pills about it. 413 more words

10 frequently asked questions about my snakes

Snakes certainly are not your typical everyday family pet, but with the popularity of the reptile trade snakes are becoming more and more common in households due to their easy to care for nature and the fact they are hypoallergenic. 1,284 more words

Python regius, Ball python and Royal python

There are so many care sheets out there it’s really more of a chore to create my own. 1,386 more words

Ball Python

#3 Hold A Big Snake

“Hello. I need to hold a big snake.”

This is how my snake holding adventure begins. With a phone call to the Reptile Zoo in Monroe, Washington; with an opening line I’ve never (ever) uttered before. 1,399 more words


The ambient glow from your tank really makes me feel calm. I don’t know what it is about you, my new friend, but I am glad to have you to call mine. 52 more words