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Boston Collaboration

In case you haven’t heard, we are moving to Portugal!!!

Unfortunately, my husband and I have to give our snakes away, so we put together this amazing collaboration with our favorite ladies in Boston. 145 more words


The Way the Snake Slithers

Hi there y’all! How are you today?

Persephone was meowing her timid little meow at me over the entire morning. I don’t understand that cat – she was acting like she wanted pets, but then she skittered away every time my hand reached for her bottom to scratch. 763 more words

The Scoop!

Snake Specifics

Snakes: many people fear them, but they still manage to be some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Their movements are beautifully coordinated and fluent, and, unfortunately, their actions are often misinterpreted as dangerous, defensive, or threatening when they’re really just being themselves! 1,055 more words


Life update. 

It has taken me a while to decide what to write as my first proper post in a year. A lot happens in a year so I have decided to share my 2016 with you in the form of a life update. 1,415 more words


Oregon woman’s pet python gets stuck in earlobe

It was a snake selfie gone wrong: Ashley Glawe’s pet ball python, Bart, slithered through her earlobe during a photo session last week and got lodged in her gauged piercing (a stretched-out piercing through an earlobe). 213 more words


My ochre serpent

Releases her grasp on me

To find adventure