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Any other reptile breeder or lovers out there?  What’s your favorite reptile?  23 more words


Prompt: Snakes: interesting or creepy? Why?

How about heartbreakingly sad? I never had any aversion to snakes, I was never afraid of them or grossed out by them. 237 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Wide awake why awake

Dude. Duuuude, why can’t I sleep? I even took a benadryl, I should be sawing mad logs, dreaming hella dreams. But alas, a lass, all ass. 165 more words

The Shedding Process

The shedding of a reptile can seem to be a peculiar event, especially if you have never had a pet that has shed it’s own skin before. 448 more words

Ball Python

Feeding a Snake ***Caution - Dead Bait***

***Please note that pictures below show dead bait (small animals) which some may find offensive***

When feeding a snake there are rules that you must obey so you do not get hurt during feeding time. 494 more words

Ball Python