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#3 Hold A Big Snake

“Hello. I need to hold a big snake.”

This is how my snake holding adventure begins. With a phone call to the Reptile Zoo in Monroe, Washington; with an opening line I’ve never (ever) uttered before. 1,399 more words


The ambient glow from your tank really makes me feel calm. I don’t know what it is about you, my new friend, but I am glad to have you to call mine. 52 more words

Snakes add at least fifty cool points

I hate to steal your thunder but I’m gonna do it anyways. I liked your idea.

So after years of wanting a snake I finally got one today. 427 more words


Three-foot python spotted on Burnaby Mountain

WATCH (above): Officials say a python recently spotted on Burnaby Mountain is just one of many unwanted pets dumped on the mountain. Grace Ke reports. 157 more words


Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball Python (Python regius)

The ball python is the most popular pet python in the world. They are generally shy, but they make for ideal pets because they are small in size, are generally friendly, are easy to care for, and come in a remarkable array of colors and patterns. 1,381 more words


Understanding price volatility in co-dom projects.

Note: This article could apply to both dominate and recessive morphs, but I’ve focused specifically on the big co-dom mutations. My personal business model doesn’t typically include chasing these shooting stars, but to those who do, they can offer a lot of monetary success or heartbreak. 1,531 more words


Understanding the Responsibilities of Exotic Snake Ownership

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

The Burmese Python and other exotic snakes have been getting bad press coverage lately in South Florida. I have decided to investigate the actual meaning of being a responsible owner of one of these exotic snakes. 475 more words

Crystal S. Kauffman