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*warning* snake feeding pics featuring a dead rat don't click it if you don't wanna see that jazz.

so I’m feeding my snake again today, going for a weaned rat, aka a crawler. It’s pretty much the exact same diameter as the widest part of her body, so it should be perfect. 413 more words

Building a Better Snake Hide, Attempt #1

So I got my ball python, Ligeia, in November and set her up in the tank with all the fixins for my late leopard gecko, Tamryn. 339 more words



More snupdates (snake updates) this evening. After having her for 5 days I managed to successfully feed her this evening. She ate a rat pup, which is way more appropriately sized for her than the tiny ass mice the people I got her from were feeding her. 91 more words

Snake charming

*makes all my posts this week about snakes* so I’ve actually been handling Basil, my beautiful pastel ball python every day for the past three days. 96 more words

Snake snake snake

Haha! Yoooo! It really happened. I’m now officially the owner of a 6 month old female pastel ball python that I’m pretty sure I’m going to name Basil (short for Basilisk! 121 more words

Snake day: the snakening

Oh man, things are happening! Right now my snake is on her way here. I hope she’s doing okay. My boyfriend bought me all the stuff I needed to (hopefully, I’m pretty sure) set up a nice vivarium with all the right conditions, including a UTH and a huge awesome log hide and 2 temp gauges and a hygrometer and other stuff too. 69 more words


**this post is #71 in my 365 project**

Any other reptile breeder or lovers out there? ¬†What’s your favorite reptile?

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