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Cindersnap 004

Somebody shed today, so I thought ‘hey today is a good day for pictures’


Little miss mischief is between 210 and 220 (closer to the latter, my guess) grams. 42 more words

Ball Python

Cindersnap 003

I re-arranged Cinder’s cage today and made sure everything was heavily misted (she’s about to shed) and she was goofing off in her stump while I fixed a few things. 22 more words

Ball Python

Cindersnap 002

I’m still laughing, Cindersnap is about to go into shed so I’m making sure that she’s hydrated and whatnot, keeping her humidity up. I went to check on her just now and found her exploring, so I spritzed her a bit, and she  35 more words

Ball Python

Cindersnap 001

Took a progress photo during the weekly weighing, and look how gorgeous this baby is! She was not amused by all the picture taking, but eventually she calmed down and sat for a bit so mom could take some shots. 30 more words

Ball Python

Meet Sassafras

She likes mice, the heating pad, and long slithers on the beach. Yes, I did a very teenagerish thing, which is very unlike my nineteen year old self. 56 more words

Snakes on My brain

By: Tina Davidson

Say hello to my friend the ball python.  I met him at the reptile show at the Winter Bird Festival in Morro Bay, CA, last month. 897 more words

Snake Surrender

Teen purchased a second snake last weekend.

You read that right. There are two, count ‘em, two snakes living in our home.

Along with three leopard geckos, a tortoise, three cats, and one (or two) dogs (our dog and our neighbors’ dog are best friends so we – or our neighbors – often have two dogs). 1,369 more words