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I’m learning and informing myself. Projects are popping up and money is being spent. Getting in a new hobby is always time consuming and I’m finding out my limits and going over them. 364 more words

Ball Python

A snake's diet

We finally got a ball python. Now that he has been with us for two months, I thought it would be great to research and write something about a ball python’s diet and a snake’s diet in general. 130 more words

Ball Python

Breeding BP project?

I’m jumping in the breeding pit. I knew I wanted to get into it but did not think I would do it so soon! I’m going to try and start in the end of the year, beginning of next year, after quarantines and making sure all the ladies are up to it! 98 more words

Ball Python

Stupid Snake

So a few weeks ago I got a random text from my husband…”Call this number, about a snake…”. Ooookkaayy….

Turns out, a local animal control agency received a call from a woman who could no longer care for her snake.   644 more words

Animal Rescue

March is for Green!

Welcome March! I’m so ready for spring, sick of being cooped up.  On that note a couple of weeks ago Axel cut his foot pretty deep and needed it to be glued, so we’ve been laying off pretty much everything.  174 more words

Pet Love is the Best Love.

So I’m not that fond of small or slithering animals, they creep me out. The way they look to the way they move sends chills down my body, and not in a good way. 354 more words

Ball Python

Yea..I am Getting my own Snake

Not been blogging in a while as work has kept me quite busy but got some time so thought try and get back into it. Got some exciting news as well, the wife has finally agreed to me having a snake at home. 286 more words