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Ball Python Housing Basics

Josh Ruffell is a freelance animal trainer and consultant who has worked with leading animal training companies on a number of films and television shows. In this capacity, his responsibilities include wildlife safety consulting and on occasion, standing in for actors in potentially challenging animal scenes. 245 more words

Josh Ruffell

Ball Python Care - Proper Feeding Practices

The first step in owning a Ball Pythons is to make sure the tank (or whatever enclosure you have it living in) is set up correctly. 1,473 more words

Ball Python

Ball Python Care - Tank Set Up

In order for your Ball Python to thrive and stay healthy, its important to set up their housing in such a way that it won’t cause them stress or risks to their health. 2,188 more words

Ball Python

Boston Collaboration

In case you haven’t heard, we are moving to Portugal!!!

Unfortunately, my husband and I have to give our snakes away, so we put together this amazing collaboration with our favorite ladies in Boston. 145 more words


Snake Specifics

Snakes: many people fear them, but they still manage to be some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Their movements are beautifully coordinated and fluent, and, unfortunately, their actions are often misinterpreted as dangerous, defensive, or threatening when they’re really just being themselves! 1,055 more words


Life update. 

It has taken me a while to decide what to write as my first proper post in a year. A lot happens in a year so I have decided to share my 2016 with you in the form of a life update. 1,415 more words