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রাতের তিন অধ্যায় 

​রাতের তিন অধ্যায়

-সাম্যময় সেন গুপ্ত-

কিছু স্তর কুয়াশায়

কিছু হারিয়েছে অজানায়

ভালো মন্দ ভেদাভেদ

রোধ বৃষ্টির চিলতে আবেগ

সব নিয়ে গুটি পোকা অপেক্ষায়

রাতের তিন অধ্যায় ! 10 more words

Awake. #recommendationwednesday

Long time no see, Cerebro. Life has been a bit busy these past few days but before I write a post about recent updates, I thought it’s about time I post something for this series. 476 more words


Liam Clancy Recites Poetry With His Whole Body. I Wept.

It’s the best concert I’ve ever not seen.  Funny, tender, and fierce. Wow.



Some things will sound profound
Some things will sound so great
Some things will come close to the words of the Bard
Some things will sound sweet. 111 more words


Write an atmospheric study of somewhere you know well: Sandmount, Beara Peninsula, West Cork

The Ballad of Sandmount

There’s a boreen in old Beara, and my mammy lives nearby, it’s a little strip of heaven by the ocean, ‘neath the sky. 440 more words


Senandung Hati

Setelah era kaset lewat dan alat pemutarnya rusak, baca lirik di sampul kaset tak pernah lagi. Lirik lagu ini tak ada di internet. Judul pun lupa. 90 more words

Catatan Perjalanan

New Music Video Update!

Okay so remember when I used to do a post that was nothing but music videos? I’ve totally put off doing that for some reason but after spending half the day listening to kpop videos, I couldn’t help but do another one of those posts! 16 more words