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Cassandra - Ballad - Passion

By your red.
By your bulk,
Of feline scents.
Your desires taste,
The wet wind.

You crawl upward,
To heaven,
Once laying beneath,
A crippled church.
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The Stable Grace - Ballad - Love

The sensible grief,
That turned upon a leaf,
Never clung to the tree,
For the world to see.

Your lonely heart, departs,
From the soul, of me.
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Questionable Quandary

Who loves who more?

You might squander many moments
Proclaiming, arguing or delivering a tirade to be endowed with the title.

Depending on the nature of such… 72 more words

The Literature

Underneath The Stairs

This tale is told by many tongues,
of now and yesteryear.
Three hundred years of life are here,
but memories disappear.

Between each line, a thousand words… 613 more words


Poison lips; toxic tongue

What’s on your mind?

You know I love you right?

How do you feel?

Did I say something that hurt you?

You know I love you? 104 more words

The Literature

Give Naught to My Riches - Ballad - Poor

Here to lay,
Beneath the forest’s oak.
Time could tell,
What will remain of ruin.
If the empty clouds depart, to the west,
I would allow a tune,
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