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All in a motto? - Headmaster's Blog - Wednesday 17 January 2018

All in a motto?

Most major companies have mottos, key statements or ‘strap lines’ as part of marketing and these will sometimes evolve over time. Coca Cola, for example, have gone from ‘Good til the last drop’ (1908), to ‘Enjoy Life’ (1923) to ‘Coke knows no season’ (1947) and, of course, ‘It’s the Real Thing’ (1969). 632 more words

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Less is more? - Headmaster's Blog - 3 January 2018

Less is more?

A Happy New Year to the readers (reader?) of this blog! I trust you have had a festive break with some refreshments with family and friends. 624 more words

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Jingling all the way…to support others

Jingling all the way…to support others

In a recent RS assessment for Y8 there was a question as follows:

Name a charity or organisation that works to help those suffering around the world.

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Girls will be girls and boys will be boys? - Headmaster's Blog - Wednesday 29 November 2017

Girls will be girls and boys will be boys?

‘Gender neutral’ focus

At the recent Girls’ School Association’s annual conference, a former Department for Education mental health advisor, Natasha Devon, urged teachers to consider using ‘gender neutral’ language. 597 more words

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Home, sweet, home? - Headmaster's Blog - Wednesday 21 November 2017

Home, sweet, home?

My wife and I have recently visited friends in the West Country who have returned to the UK after teaching overseas for 10 years. 700 more words

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Being sent to Coventry! - Headmaster's Blog - Wednesday 15 November 2017

Being sent to Coventry!

The idiom above must be one of the strangest of English expressions. ‘Mr Google’ explains it has obscure origins – perhaps from the English Civil War where Royalist prisoners were taken to Parliamentarian Coventry or even an expression relating to being hanged from a tree in Henry III’s reign! 530 more words

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Stress busting? - Headmaster's Blog - Tuesday 7 November 2017

Stress busting?

Teaching and stress in the news

This past week the educational Press has been full of the recent research into Teaching and the stress that many in the profession face. 765 more words

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