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Blue SDU Student Think Tank Challenge 2016 Underway!

Danish university programs are quite structured — students take a program of study at the bachelor’s or master’s level and focus on the coursework within that program, with few opportunities to deviate from a set path of study. 409 more words

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U.S. House measure supports shippers on ballast water dumping

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — A plan gaining support in Congress and backed by the cargo shipping industry would establish a nationwide policy for dumping ballast water into U.S. 158 more words

What does it take for stakeholders in the North to learn their lesson? Marine Invasive Species

According to the Norwegian Environment Agency, Norwegian waters host at a minimum 2320 alien species, almost half of which have been found capable of reproducing and establishing in Norway. 1,061 more words

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How gloomy may the Arctic’s future be ? A quick glimpse on Ballast Water issues

While the IMO (International Maritime Organization) together with a large share of the global “maritime community” have accepted the Ballast Water Management (BWM) convention as one of the basic tenants of precaution with respect to introductions of species in new marine environments, and while at the same time there is a growing anticipation for 2017… 488 more words


Can IMO Ballast Water Management Convention Ensure The Blue Economy ?

The Ballast Water Management Convention (BMW convention) has been adopted by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) in 2004 under the condition that the convention becomes enforced after 12 months if at least 30 countries, representing a combined total gross tonnage of more than 35% of the world’s merchant fleet, ratify it. 447 more words

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Ballast water is only part of the problem...

I was interviewed for an article for the Danish Maritime industry about another aspect of shipping and invasive species — hull fouling. The article came out today (in Danish) in a couple formats: 203 more words

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