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Alphabet April: t - talking dirty, teacher, tickling, threesome, toys, tatoo, testicular torment, teeth, teasing, temptation.

There he was.

Standing there in front of me, my biggest crush.

I could feel the shiver run up my spine as he smiled at me, despite the cruel light in his eyes. 1,164 more words


Alphabet April: Q - Queening, Queer, Questions, Quirt

“I suppose you have questions, Pet?”

I couldn’t turn my head towards that strong voice. The cushioned seat that doubled as restraints around my head kept my eyes looking up at the ceiling, even as I strained to at least close my thighs. 583 more words


Jingle the Bells!

(originally posted on December 31, 2013)

He was well-built.  Stocky.  His dark skin contrasted nicely with the faded button-up he had on. His reddish-brown eyes followed my movements as I sashayed toward where he sat on the couch. 573 more words


Ball-busting and my apparent reproductive potential: thoughts from strangers

To those who have thoughtfully chosen not to parent in this lifetime, and resent society at large for perpetually busting your balls on the issue, be assured the BB-ing is not exclusive to you. 359 more words


Una historia

Tengo poco tiempo en mi actual empleo, la próxima semana se cumplen 8 meses y lo he disfrutado mucho. Un buen ambiente laboral, un trabajo satisfactorio y una paga muy agradable. 1,220 more words

Kick a man in the balls...

Women in Japan can have lessons in how to kick a man properly in the testicles. A female trainer will arrive with a man and the man will stand and be kicked full-contact in the groin by the trainer. 12 more words