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Ballet Class Etiquette 101

Everyone knows that you should arrive early to class to have plenty of time to get dressed, fix your hair and warm up, but what about during class itself? 769 more words


Vlog | More Chatting & Tatevik Dancwear

In today’s vlog I tell you about the wonderful Tatevik dancewear, have another chat with all of you, and just take you around for a few days. 19 more words


About graceful dancers - Part 2: The Guys

So this post makes sense,  reading Part 1 would help! If you haven’t or won’t,  grace here has a specific meaning:  a fluid, free, almost instinctive quality to the dancer´s  movements – that seem to spring out of her/him as natural as breathing  – in opposition to a careful, thoroughly rehearsed, construed way of dancing. 640 more words


This is not a review

Remember when I said I was going to see a lot more shows this year? Noticed my recent lack of posts? … Yeah, that. Lack of funds, househunting and juggling two jobs has somewhat eaten into my theatre-going time. 544 more words



I’ve never met a dancer who is not hyper specific about her taste in leotards.  Tight and supportive, soft and worn in, bright, dark, feminine, sporty, strappy, simple; There are a lot of options and even more opinions.   565 more words


Running out of Time

Being a dancer is like having a part time job. Along with going to school and balancing the workload that comes from your Junior year, you have to go to classes five days a week that go for up to three hours a night. 108 more words


Graceful Dancers

I just read a post today about graceful dancers and it got me thinking on this interesting topic. I believe people are born with grace; however, it is how the grace is developed, which makes a true ballerina. 680 more words