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keeping up

Things have been a bit quiet around here lately. Please excuse the lack of communication; this past month was one of the strangest rehearsal periods of my entire career. 399 more words


Open Letter

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Almost a year in fact. But I’m back now. And I have some news to share. I quit my professional ballet training. 1,112 more words


Inspiration : Rudolf Nureyev

“An escape in the line of the spy novels of the Cold War” René Sirvin.

Between KGA and CIA, truths or fictions, the history of Nureyev overflows with incredible events.   1,404 more words


Moving forward

Do you remember the scenes in Wall-E with the humans? The ones who are stuck in their hovering chairs: lazy, weak, and uninterested in anything that requires effort to attain? 738 more words


Hey everybody. I’ve been gone a while. Did you miss me?

In deciding how to return to writing for Corporal Culture, it occurred to me that I should be asking you, the readers, what you want out of this site. 68 more words


visual learner

When I was 10, Festival Ballet Providence debuted a brand new Carmen.  A few Nutcracker performances with the company had brought me into full fandom by then, so I wouldn’t dream of missing a single show- even if I had no idea what it was about.   301 more words


Dance: Sampled - The Lowry

On for just two nights at The Lowry, Dance: Sampled is a product of The Movement, a project originated in Sadler’s Wells which aims to make dance more accessible. 582 more words