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Pirouettes En Dedans

Hi everyone!  Today’s post is about improving your en dedans pirouettes, which, in my opinion, is one of the most hated steps in ballet.  I’ve also included a video for you – which you’re lucky to get during tech week….so, here we go: 765 more words


c o n g r a t u l a t i n g


What a weekend it was.  That phrase feels familiar.  I think I say this a lot at the end of a performance, don’t I?  Well, it’s no less appropriate now than at the closing of any other production this season, but perhaps it is coming a bit delayed this time around.   212 more words


Superstars of Ballet - Singapore (29 April 2016)

Initially, I didn’t want to catch this show because staying away from baby for a long period of time + inability to pump would mean that my boobs would start to hurt like mad. 277 more words


All About R & J

Hi everybody!  Today is another All About the Ballet – this time we’re doing Romeo and Juliet!  (a.k.a. R & J.)  You can use this as you watch the ballet to help you navigate the scenes and understand everything.   650 more words


h o m e

Acupuncture with Dr. Mike, photoshoot with Rhode Island Monthly, dress rehearsal with FBP, and a quiet cup of tea with…me.

It’s been quite the day…week…month on the Lake.   187 more words


Updated Class Warm Up

Hi everybody!  Today is my updated ballet class warm up where I take you through everything I do to be prepared for class and dance my best. 1,346 more words


Dance majors do exist

For my final photojournalism project I had the opportunity of shooting with three girls that have been dancing pretty much all their lives. The project originally was set to depict dance students rehearsing, stretching and doing some barre work during class. 106 more words