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beyond the barre with whitney jensen

The first time I saw Whitney Jensen, we were twelve. Waiting in the wings backstage at YAGP, she was one of those girls whose port de bras continued into her normal human life, resulting in a resting posture that was elegant as all heck. 2,578 more words


prokofiev's waltz

Prokofiev is back in the studios, leading us through his most valtziest, schmaltziest of scores: Cinderella. Lately that classic melody has been filling every bit of free space in my head with its eerie brimstone canter. 212 more words


she thinks therefore she thinx

Everything is beautiful at the ballet…except when it’s not.

Let’s be real for a second, okay? Disclaimer: Male readers, you can excuse yourselves now. Ladies, let’s talk. 518 more words


& everything else

A comprehensive list of everything we saw and ate in between celebrity dancer sightings and life-changing performances:

Le Pain Quotidien is always our first stop in the city. 222 more words


In the studio

All photos by Kenneth Edwards. You can find his work on Instagram : @kennethbedwards or @myknapsack

Tutu: Nui (@nuikobo) Sweater: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Pointe Shoes: 14 more words


weekend reads

We have begun work on Winthrop Corey’s Cinderella here in Providence (stay tuned for details), but I can’t seem to stop reliving last week at YAGP in my head! 94 more words


high marks

There is a significant someone missing from my previous YAGP posts, and that’s because I thought he deserved one of his own. The Youth America Grand Prix’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award was given to charming Mr. 508 more words