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Private Lessons

Private lessons…hhhmmm.  Much discussed.  What’s too much and what’s too little?  Today I’m going to help you find balance as well as discuss some things that you can do inside your actual lesson to help you get the most out of your experience.   336 more words


hansel & gretel go downtown

Early yesterday morning, just as the sun started to backlight the grey rain clouds overhung from last night’s shower, we made our way downcity to my favorite theatre. 248 more words


Why are you holding back?

George Balanchine exhorted dancers to perform at their best, irrespective of whether they were in rehearsal or on the stage. This quote; “Why are you stingy with yourselves? 155 more words

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

Paper + Glue + Satin = Athletic Equipment

You Can Tell A Lot About A Woman By Her Shoes

Ballet, with its emphasis on gracefulness, classical music and tutus, is subject to a bevy of cultural misunderstandings, one of the most glaring is the conception that ballerinas are fragile dancing fairies, or Queen Faeries, depending upon the role. 699 more words

Straz Center

Leg Workout

Hi everybody!  Today is my long-awaited leg workout.  This will help improve your pointework, extensions, placement, turns, balance, and more!  It really helps every movement and aspect in your dancing.   101 more words


for your friday

Hansel, Gretel, Ladies, Bernarda, oh my!  There’s been a lot of gloom and doom over at the studios, and I’m loving nature’s reflection today in those big grey skies and wiry winter trees.   104 more words


Improving Pointework

Today’s blog post and video is about improving your pointework and my tips for strengthening your feet, calves, and legs in order to do so. 651 more words