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La Fille mal gardée Cinema Relay– Osipova, McRae, Mosley, Saunders, Kay, Peregrine, May 5th 2015

Yes, there were a few ribbon mishaps. Yes, Peregrine nearly brought down the backcloth and nearly killed two members of the cast in doing so, and yes Lesley Collier is right about Natalia Osipova’s… 546 more words

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La Fille mal gardée, Núñez, Acosta, Marriott, Hay, Avis, Peregrine, The Royal Ballet - April 22th 2015

This was as close to perfect a playing of this most delightful of ballets as I could have wished for. In fact, it was perhaps one of the happiest and most fulfilling times I have had at the Royal Opera House, for ballet, or for opera. 600 more words

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Swan Lake - Salenko, McRae, Gartside Gruzin - March 21st 2015 (matinee)

Of all the Swan Lake performances I have seen this season, this was the best. A strong statement but one borne from fact, consideration and some portion of emotion. 1,214 more words

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Swan Lake - Obraztsova, McRae, Gartside, Gruzin - March 16th 2015

Here was a highlight of Royal Ballet’s current Swan Lake season, a guest slot for Evgenia Obraztsova, a dancer I so nearly didn’t see as I was due to attend a show where she has cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. 1,082 more words

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Swan Lake - Osipova, Golding, Avis, Gruzin - March 17th 2015

This was again a white swan which in some ways failed to take full, tragic flight. Natalia Osipova’s Odette did not fully convince me that she was in distress of despair at finding herself imprisoned, doomed by curse. 986 more words

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A One-Time Review of Soviet Ballet in Bishkek

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to be so bad.  I thought that it would be quaint and soviet, but still graceful and artful (like the majestic soviet-era building that houses the national theater with its peeling pale pink walls and chandeliers reflectent in floor-to-ceiling mirrors).   194 more words

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'Swan Lake' Soviet-Style

Swan Lake
Mariinsky Ballet

January 28, 2014
Kennedy Center Opera House, Washington, D.C.

By Lisa Traiger

Swan Lake, the very epitome of ballet, is both the apex and the aspiration of companies the world over. 727 more words