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Rituals And Boundaries: Important Life Lessons

Yesterday I hollared to Handsome Chef Boyfriend, Hey, don’t put a new stick of butter in the dish ’til I have a chance to polish it—it’s looking a bit gnarly. 1,066 more words


Postscript: A Fire in Her Belly

Yesterday I posted about my former students at Knoxville Ballet School who worked like crazy to achieve high marks on their American Ballet Theatre Affiliate exams, and three of them who went on to attend the Young Dancer Summer Workshop at ABT in August 2012 after a successful video audition.   239 more words


A Fire in the Belly

Three tired Knoxville Ballet School monkeys after a <successful> video audition for American Ballet Theatre’s Young Dancer Summer Workshop in 2012

The same three monkeys at ABT in NYC later that summer, with their idol, one Catherine Hurlin… 943 more words


Do you remember this Hole song which was entitled “He hit me, it felt like a kiss”? Well, how things turn out brutally oniric sometimes in life! 487 more words


"Ballet Boys" documents the tough road for young men to succeed in dance

Lukas in Ballet Boys, a dance documentary directed by Kenneth Elvebakk.

Lukas, Torgeir and Syvert in Ballet Boys, a dance documentary directed by Kenneth Elvebakk. … 1,401 more words


Homecoming, Part the Fifth

That’s me up there, flanked by my bosom buddies Bett and Emily. The three of us and our families have known each other for decades. They are the kind of people who see you through everything that happens in your life, and you them. 1,116 more words


Homecoming, Part the Third

Before we pulled out of Chattanooga on a hazy Tuesday afternoon, my dad reported he’d seen a burgeoning praying mantis and stick bug population this summer. 866 more words