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History at the Hammond

I am currently working as researcher and historian for The Hammond Performing Arts School in Chester, UK. In 2017 the school is set to celebrate 100 years since it’s founder Miss Irene Hammond came to Chester.  156 more words

Young Dancer Follow-Up

I’ve been off the grid for some weekend travel, but want to share an update about young Celia Adlin, my former student who has just finished her first American Ballet Theatre summer intensive at North Carolina School of the Arts. 109 more words


Learn Ballet from the Experts - Halili-Cruz School of Ballet: 30 Years of Artistic Excellence

Have you dream of being a ballet dancer when you were a kid and when you became a parent you wanted to pass that dream to your kids? 423 more words

Press Release

How Firm a Foundation: Training a Young Dancer for Life

Unrelenting questions, lobbed one after another by a well-intentioned ballet school dad, my back inches from an icy cooler packed with pricey frozen concoctions in one of Knoxville’s fancy new grocery stores. 1,317 more words

Ballet School

My Journey to the Corporate World: Don’t Hate

A ballet friend and colleague recently asked whether I’ve been “itching” to teach again. I had to think about that. These days I’m not sure I would describe my desire to teach as an itch, but maybe—it felt like something more profound when I took the colossal and risky leap of faith to open a small ballet school in 2006. 910 more words


Notes on Jetés... petit jetés... and awful petit allegro

There is nothing in the world… and I mean nothing… better than a really good, really clean, really technical petit allegro. Yup, it can turn any bad day into a great day… or it can turn a great day into a crappy day depending on what side of the glass window you are standing on…. 996 more words


Swan Lake, You Rock My World.


I wish I could rewind a particular winter night about a dozen years ago at the Kennedy Center. I wish I could find all the people who were sitting in the right section of the orchestra at the opera house there, people who thought they were about to enjoy a memorable performance of… 1,264 more words

Handsome Chef Boyfriend