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The Royal Ballet School. Are the odds stacked against British children?

It’s 8.30am, and in an 18th-century Palladian villa in Richmond Park, London, 25 children are saying their prayers. “God be in my head and in my understanding,” they recite, heads bowed. 2,695 more words


Writing with your dad… Writing with your daughter

Father and daughter Luke and Laura Jennings have written a book, the first in a new series, set in a stage school. What’s it like writing a book with your dad? 1,633 more words


Sexism in dance: where are all the female choreographers?

As a nation we are well supplied with choreographers. Matthew Bourne, Akram Khan, Wayne McGregor, Liam Scarlett, Christopher Wheeldon… the list goes on. All are highly acclaimed, players on the world stage, their services booked for years ahead. 1,613 more words


Female choreographers: further thoughts.

I’ve been asking female choreographers about the problems they face for some years now. Why are so few women employed as creators of dance? Why are they so rarely commissioned to undertake major choreographic projects? 977 more words


Summer Intensive Decision Time

Hi everyone. I’ve received a number of requests lately that go something like this:

I/my child got into the SI programs at X, Y, and Z schools. 240 more words


Preconceived Notions: Expanding an Idea

Disclaimer: this is a post about ballet school. It is also the start of a conversation. Even if you know nothing of ballet or ballet school, this might resonate with you if you have ever had the joy and the challenge of parenting a young child. 768 more words


Here, let me do that.

I love having a son. I love having dancing son. There’s lots for us to share and enjoy together. And there seems to be more and more as he learns and enjoys more and more in the ballet world. 278 more words

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