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Notes on Jetés... petit jetés... and awful petit allegro

There is nothing in the world… and I mean nothing… better than a really good, really clean, really technical petit allegro. Yup, it can turn any bad day into a great day… or it can turn a great day into a crappy day depending on what side of the glass window you are standing on…. 996 more words


Swan Lake, You Rock My World.


I wish I could rewind a particular winter night about a dozen years ago at the Kennedy Center. I wish I could find all the people who were sitting in the right section of the orchestra at the opera house there, people who thought they were about to enjoy a memorable performance of… 1,264 more words

Handsome Chef Boyfriend

Kiev State Ballet School - Kibyusa Alice Forcos

I spent 4 years studying ballet in Romania and another one in Budapest and then I went to Kiev State Choreographic College, the school where ENB’s Romanian prima ballerina Alina Cojocaru learned how to dance, impress and act on stage. 978 more words

Ballet School

Dancing in the Company of Giants

Robbins was more immediately successful than Balanchine, but the two together…when I think that we had them both! What a combination! We were incredibly lucky.

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Settling into Your Gifts

The more she dances, the more she wants to dance.

In the intervening decades since I was a young dancer the ballet competition has emerged as part and parcel of the classical ballet landscape.

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All That Glitters: Making Effort Look Effortless

When I was eight I had a Russian ballet teacher who thought nothing of whapping me and my classmates in our tummies in ballet class. The message was clear, if unrefined: flatten the belly. 794 more words


Shut Up and Listen

Some people change the very demeanor of a space simply by stepping into it. Franco De Vita is one of them. So is his colleague and partner in life, Raymond Lukens. 852 more words