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Homecoming, Part the Fifth

That’s me up there, flanked by my bosom buddies Bett and Emily. The three of us and our families have known each other for decades. They are the kind of people who see you through everything that happens in your life, and you them. 1,116 more words


Homecoming, Part the Third

Before we pulled out of Chattanooga on a hazy Tuesday afternoon, my dad reported he’d seen a burgeoning praying mantis and stick bug population this summer. 866 more words


Works & Process

I love the theatre—lobby, house, backstage, on the stage—it does not matter. I have clocked time there since before I could walk. Friday night I had the chance to be there again at the small and mighty Paramount in Rutland, Vermont. 713 more words

Handsome Chef Boyfriend

Learning Curve

Once upon a time when I was the director of a small ballet school I taught classical ballet to adult beginners a couple nights weekly. They were dedicated people, mostly women, but also a few men, from all walks of life. 735 more words


Learning Russian In America

Learning Russian In America

“It’s a plié. You do it on all the positions. It’s very good for dramatic moments.” Anne Ursu

It began with Whitney. 593 more words


Cirque de Ballet pictures are here

The pictures of the show Cirque de Ballet are here!

Visit http://liveoakdance.com/performances/ to see a collection of these amazing pictures by the photographer Erin Bohlke


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