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Bye bye ballet 

This week equals the end of my dance adventure, last leg of the tour at Sadlers wells, the swankiest venue I have even worked in to date, the backstage monitors were bigger then my TV at home! 104 more words


HSBC-atastrophy or HSB-Catastrophy

Hi everyone.  It continues to be a whirlwind of activity here in London.  Trying to get a handle on classes, readings, and assignments while balancing moving-in, utilities, and other living logistics.   1,938 more words

Lesson 10

Wah! Yesterday was lesson 10, last lesson of the term! It means I have another 10 lessons before we “complete” this year of ballet class! How fast time flies! 373 more words


Resurrecting Cambodian Dance

Photo: Snowiology
Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, half-sister of Cambodia’s King, has worked hard to reenergize the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, seen here at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.
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Somewhere she pirouettes
and my people lean into her beauty,
somewhere our dreams are real.

Somewhere she dances
and his heart beats close to my ear, 29 more words


Why *Do* We Do Tendus?

Y. wasn’t there yesterday and our jazz class was taught by Frodo, a lovely sub we’ve had a couple of times before. My dancing is solid enough by now that I… 487 more words


Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow, monument of my heart.

Let me dance around you to this ballad.

An ode to how always, we stand here.

And how I fall under you, 18 more words