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I Predict A Riot – Part Thirty One

The Rite of Spring Riot, 1913

Every artist is precious about their work and the day that it is revealed to the public is a nerve-wracking affair at the best of times. 542 more words


Outfit styling for a 1920’s Party – Showgirl with a twist

Theatrical productions were a popular form of entertainment in the early 20th century, with lavish sets, elaborate costumes and big budgets to spend on popular stars. 520 more words


Diaghilev. The creator with invincible power that was falling love with art

Diaghilev … There are figures in the creative world, without which, art undoubtedly existed and developed in its own way, but perhaps not so rapidly and brightly  and  may be would not embrace so many people from different countries and would not become such inspiring and exciting phenomenon. 938 more words


16 Why were metal traces found in SM's hair?

Taken from a recent comment by Byron Deveson.

….. In general SM’s hair contains elevated concentrations of many elements, particularly metals that are associated with ore deposits of base metals such as… 84 more words

15 What happened to ballet dancer Otis Pearce?

Otis is the baby-faced man on the right, hiding behind a koala. The pic was taken in 1939 and Dolin, his male companion on the left, was listed as 5’7″ on a ship passenger list found by Misca  .. 361 more words

The National Ballet of Canada


Reviewed January 25, 2018

NAC Southam Hall, Ottawa

(Repeat performances January 26 & 27, 8 p.m.)

There is nothing quite like this phenomenal ballet tale of Vaslav Nijinsky, the world’s first famous male ballet star. 781 more words


10 Ballet dancers, suntanned to the groin

The Somerton Man was said to have had signs of a previous season’s suntan on his legs and thighs but not his upper body, consistent with someone who wore a shirt to the beach. 91 more words