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308 x 12 Gauge Custom Shotshell Ballistic Gel Test

Testing the Custom 308 x 12 Gauge Custom Shotshell in a ballistic gel format as approximately 30 feet. Using a donated ballistic testing media that was calibrated perfectly to match some random specification determined by no one in particular. 330 more words


Ukrainian tanks attack Donetsk airport; Tochka-U missile explodes over Donetsk

From Voice of Sevastopol, April 11, 2015

Tochka-U” missile exploded in the sky over Donetsk

As reports claim, yesterday, on April 11th, on the eve of the biggest Orthodox Christian holiday – Easter – “Tochka-U” ballistic rocket was launched on Donetsk by Ukrainian military. 471 more words


There are so many types of stretching that they can get confusing. Some are more difficult than others, some require a partner, while others are a little bit dangerous. 323 more words


NORA B-52K1 155mm/52cal Self Propelled Gun Howitzer

The Nora B-52 is a 155 mm/52-calibre self-propelled howitzer, 4 generation artillery weapon system developed by Vojnotehnički Institute (Military Technical Institute Belgrade, Serbia) for export and domestic use. 497 more words

155 Mm

Black Mask Debuts YouTube Multi-channel Network for New 'Tubecomics' Format

By Staff Reports

Publishing and production company Black Mask Studios debuted its latest tech-entertainment innovations in today’s New York Times: tubecomics, a new digital comics format, and Blackmask.tv, a YouTube multi-channel network that will serve as tubecomics’ home. 727 more words


Black Mask Launches Tube Comics

Publishing and production company Black Mask Studios has debuted its latest tech-entertainment innovation today: tubecomics, a new digital comics format, and Blackmask.tv, a YouTube multi-channel network that will serve as tubecomics’ home. 138 more words