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Do you own a weather balloon?

Do you own a weather balloon? What do you do with it? Are you a burlesque dancer? Do you take it to the beach or pool? 6 more words

Some pics i like

For the most, I’d like to make this blog as original as possible. But I do have some favourite pics collected from other looner sites that I’d like to share with you. 94 more words

Balloon Fetish

NSFW: about last night

Last night was a typical Monday: cooked my man Risotto, watched a bit of Walking Dead, o and then this…

Balloon Fetish

The Blue Balloon... (aka Necking It)

There’s nothing sadder than an under-inflated balloon. Honestly, I like to get as much as possible out of these bad boys. But besides seeing how big I can blow it up, I love getting a really big neck on a balloon. 265 more words

Balloon Fetish


Finally was able to watch Goddess’ new video tonight!  It’s awesome and silly.  Doesn’t seem to be hypo, but who knows what sort of subliminals might be hidden away in the fun.  281 more words