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On Math Jokes (with a new re-telling of my favorite one, about a balloon race)

Math jokes are almost universally awful — or, at least, it seems that way to me, since I spend a lot of time around ninth graders. 374 more words


Balloon challenge

My nephew wanted a challenge for his balloon business. I requested him to construct one of Watson. He got busy and this is what he came up with. 14 more words


Moment in Space and Time (poem)

When I was a child
I took my helium balloon outside.
It flew away–
I stayed behind.

(Found in Snail Trails, a short book of small poems) 6 more words


More stars are out

Horace has decided to add a few more stars to the sky

© Helen Mira Tanner, 2016



trapped in the balloon
floating free
your breath, breathless