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Bit of a Wobble

I know that by keeping this blog, it’s only for myself.  Anyone who reads it, let alone likes or follows it is a bonus.  And the purpose of it is to document my CBT journey, specifically my phobia of balloons. 372 more words

Coffee Chronicles Episode 8: 'Dumb Charades'

Some wise man had once remarked, “Balloons may come and balloons may go, but celebrations go on forever.” After a general mandate ousted the balloons as a means of celebrating any milestone, things have been different on the floor. 1,051 more words


A Transitional Season

The wind has picked up today and is so strong that the birds and small animals have taken cover. We are transitioning into the fall season but summer doesn’t want to let go. 1,148 more words


Why Olivia Wilde Needs To Have A Miscarriage

I normally consider it to be beneath me to have an opinion on a matter pertaining to celebrity gossip, but the story of Olivia Wilde’s hissy fit regarding pregnant women on the train is worth exploring. 2,681 more words


My Expectations Versus The World

Ever wondered how dark are the days when revised at night?
Ever wondered how difficult is adding colours while thriving in black and white?

The colourful balloons they were selling, added colours to life of others while their own lives lie estranged in black and white.

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My Corner

Writing Practice

(Something different, a short story from my writing group.)


St Mary’s and Hope doesn’t exist anymore, but back when we were children and everyone just called it Mary’s, it was a great bustling place with wide-arched doors and long corridors and people rushing to and fro in the great web of hospital life. 753 more words



2nd Annual Hot Air Balloon & Sport Aviation Show Comes to Metro-East
MARINE, IL: (STLRestaurant.News) – If you thought a rainy St. Louis weekend had spoiled your chance to marvel at the majesty of billowing, colorful hot air balloons, you’d be…