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Balloon Expansion Activity

Before class preparation

In class activity… 48 more words


Creativity with balloons!

One of the easiest ways to color your party with small and beautiful touches is to use balloons. Balloons that make the space impressive make up the party concepts. 52 more words



a distant city ~ with the simplest of bright smiles ~ you came through the crowds — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa


The Airy World of Balloon Sculpture

Balloons often serve as trappings at parties and celebrations. While the rubber balloon was invented by Michael Faraday during experiments with various gases, some of the earliest of these were made out of dried animal bladders like a pig’s. 2,686 more words


Shh...She's sleeping

Well… it’s always nice hearing your fiancé telling your daughter to keep quiet or she’ll wake you up, while scuffing around the room. Then you know that they are up to no good. 96 more words

November Debatable: Hot Air Argument

With Thanksgiving ads beckoning us to ready for the annual rite of feasting with friends and family, it seemed appropriate to center our monthly debate on another annual tradition, Macy’s Parade. 62 more words


Let Them Eat Cake

Let them eat cake! That goes for all the dads of Sweden today, because it’s Father’s day. I’m brought up in a family where we celebrated everything. 621 more words