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Evil Dictatorship Thwarted By Balloons

Balloons filled with American dollars and MP3 recordings of North Korean escapees explaining the whole truth of their situation, pleading with them to use the money to escape and join their families in the South have been flown over—carried only by the wind—from South Korea. 478 more words


How many water balloons does it take to stop a bullet?

So you’re saying instead of Kevlar bullet-proof vests… we should tape water balloons to ourselves… it’s so simple…


Deep voices.

The funny taste in your mouth, colour in the air… no party or event is complete without these favoured, cheap, yet effective, decorations! 297 more words


Miracle in Myanmar

It’s nothing short of a miracle, watching the sun rise.

Think of all the factors, all the moving parts of the universe that click like the cogs and wheels of a clock to bring you to this moment, to witness this spectacle. 847 more words


The Thing About Balloons...

So…Balloons of Hope.  What does it mean?  I’m not really a balloons-and-cotton-candy kind of person.  I mean, I like them.  I just don’t necessarily have a thing for balloons the way some people do for butterflies or cats or peanut butter.  491 more words


Writers let's fly away!

  • Writing is like travelling around in a hot air balloon.
  • The other balloons in the distance represent my fellow writers.
  • Obviously my balloon would be the best looking one and the fastest :-) …
  • 253 more words