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Unionist Bigots Force Six Counties To Brink, 1974

This short documentary looks at the Workers Council Strike of 1974, when embittered Unionists in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland decided to protest against the power-sharing Sunningdale Agreement. 76 more words


Veterans of Domestic Elections

Veterans of Domestic Elections    —by Jinny Batterson

Last Tuesday, I got up before 5 a.m., put on multiple layers of clothes, grabbed a hurried breakfast, packed water and snacks, then headed for a nearby precinct where I was assigned to work during this year’s municipal elections. 583 more words

According to Catalunya Radio the ballots and ballot boxes that have been hidden from the Spanish police are starting to arrive at the local precincts. Many had previously been confiscated in police raids but the Catalan government has assured the population that everything is in place for a successful referendum. 70 more words

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Donald Trump refuses to call out white supremacist violence

❝ Donald Trump refuses to name the problem of white supremacist violence

His remarks on violence in Charlottesville were ignorance to the point of callousness.

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New report supports TRUMP: 5.7 million non-citizens may have voted in 2008

(National SentinelBallot box: The disgustingly dishonest mainstream media has routinely dismissed claims by President Donald J. Trump that he may actually have won the popular vote last November were it not for “millions” of non-citizens casting ballots. 335 more words

HOHS ballot box reveals hung parliament!

It’s election day and pupils have been encouraged to think and talk about their own feelings on major issues such as education, health, the environment, taxes and immigration. 122 more words

Hethersett Old Hall School

Matt Gillow: why we're backing a 'none of the above' option

By Managing Director Matt Gillow

Throughout the past few months, we at TalkPolitics have come to the sad conclusion that the issues that provoke feelings of apathy run deeper than we previously thought. 293 more words