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Is Christianity fading in America? It is at the ballot box!

In the past decade, about 78 million U.S. adults self-identified as evangelical in their beliefs, but reportedly only about 46 million were registered to vote, and only about 28 million cast a ballot in the 2004 presidential race.

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The Brits are Back to the Ballot Boxes

Today, the Brits go to the polls.

Friends back there have posted some links to useful material on the relationship between Christians and politics. Just bookmarking them here for future reference: 43 more words


"None of the Above"- What Does It Mean To Not Vote?

  4 May 2015 -22:00

Within the great sludge of pre-election articles, analysis and speculation, it’s entirely forgivable if your eyes had glazed over an article by Benjamin Parkin in the April 21 edition of The Guardian on his decision… 243 more words

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Engaging with the General Election 2015

Over the last few Sundays at burlington I have interviewed the parliamentary candidates for Ipswich.

If you are struggling to find your way through all the conversations, interviews and live debates, you can… 46 more words

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Voting for Eternity?

The upcoming election is playing on my mind at the moment. Politics and current affairs are very important to me, and I’m passionate about social change. 742 more words


TRNC Presidential Elections 2015 - Latest pre-election news - Round 2

TRNC Presidential Elections 2015

Latest pre-election news

Round 2

The High Electoral Council envisages to declare unofficial results of the election which will be held on Sunday… 140 more words