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Ballot Box: Which Activity is More Brutal?

Good morning, Reno!

Stay dry today. It’s a nasty one…

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Ballot Box

Ballot Box: Back on (the) Track and the Inauguration

Happy Thursday!

You can find the regular Thursday Ballot below! Last night I dragged my butt out to the local track and got it kicked around but some local speed super stars. 244 more words


Ballot Box: Winter Activities

Good Morning Reno!

So… it’s dumping snow just a few days after the Truckee river nearly washed Reno away. What is your go to when the white, powdery stuff is slamming into the ground? 80 more words


Ballot Box: Gym vs. Health Insurance

I’ve decided it’s time to get back to more frequent posting, and what better way than to start a Thursday Ballot Box weekly poll! Woot! 108 more words

Ballot Box

China’s digital dictatorship -- Worrying experiments with a new form of social control -- Time to turn the spotlight on the rulers, not the ruled?

Dec 17th 2016

WHEN communism crumbled in the Soviet Union, 25 years ago this week, the Chinese Communist Party seemed to many to be heading irreversibly downwards. 1,042 more words

Marijuana legalization won big at the ballot box. Now the real challenges start

Election Day was a blowout for the cause of legal marijuana. Ballot measures legalizing medical or recreational cannabis use passed for the first time in seven states, with a defeat in Arizona the only setback for activists. 1,027 more words

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