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By Eleanor Kennedy-

After months of pre-electoral violence and serious protests, as well as an aborted coup, calling for the implementation of term-limits in the tiny Central African nation of Burundi,  Parliamentary elections were held on Monday the 29th of June. 423 more words

It Rocks-To Head To Ballot Box (79)

Earned and given rights-

At the ballot box come to light.



Politician Connects With More People: Increases Speaker Volume

An LDP politician in Tokyo has formulated an original way of connecting with constituents by increasing the volume of the campaign car speaker.

Lower House candidates are banned from giving speeches while moving but there is no restriction on volume. 84 more words


Is Christianity fading in America? It is at the ballot box!

In the past decade, about 78 million U.S. adults self-identified as evangelical in their beliefs, but reportedly only about 46 million were registered to vote, and only about 28 million cast a ballot in the 2004 presidential race.

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