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Big Hiccup

I spent the night in excruciating pain.

Needless to say, my morning began with a visit to the health clinic.  The first thing they were able to eliminate is that the pain is not musculature and I haven’t injured myself.  466 more words

Ballroom Dance

We have an ending!

The choreography to the solo is now complete.

Boss had an idea to use velcro to stick things to me and then to pull them off at the end, but I shot that down.  589 more words

Ballroom Dance

Competitive Latin practice

I made it through!

Managed to do all five dances with a 2 min break, then all 5 in row without a break.

So now I know I can do it. 277 more words

Ballroom Dance

Leadership: A Dancer's Perspective

I’ve been a ballroom dancer for a few years, as I mentioned fairly recently. One of my favorite lessons from this is taking the roles of leader and follower and using them as metaphors for life. 550 more words


Little things

I did get my practice in today as planned, and I did it in my full heels.

And it went well :)

I was able to sort out some things in the solo that have been just eluding me a little in lessons and that was good to have happen.  305 more words

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom in a Few Gifs #6 - First Comp of the Season Edition

Purdue is in three weeks! Woot!  For all those prepping for their first big competitions this fall:

Trying to meet all the newbies before the competition… 102 more words


Emotional Roller-Coaster

It’s hard to describe how I am feeling today.

I am not really ok, but I know I am not ok, so I think that cancels out me not being ok. 996 more words

Ballroom Dance