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Dancing Fool Competes: But WHY??

Yes, there is that question.

Considering that I seem to be colorblind when it comes to blue ribbons…..or any color ribbon at all. Competition holds no meaning to me, so why would I decide to dip my high-heeled dance shoes into a Ballroom Dance competition at all? 286 more words

Deborah Hansen

Introducing KIZOMBA

Kizomba is an African dance, primarily from Angola. It’s grounded, connected, and becoming wildly popular internationally. Kizomba has been called the “African tango.” Connection is paramount in this dance – it’s all focused on the dynamic between you and your partner, not what you might look like to an outsider. 48 more words

On Quickstep

Quickstep – not the passion of Tango, not the aristocracy of Viennese Waltz, not the sexyness of Bolero – but Quickstep’s characteristics are quick, joyful, energetic, light-hearted, smooth, glamorous, flowing, cheerful, graceful, exuberant, playful, weightless, spontaneous, and carefree… 246 more words

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing fool competes.....

Yes, I’ve made the decision to enter my first ballroom dance competition.  Yikes!

What’s up with that? I freaked out doing a performance at my own dance studio, so how will I handle dancing in front of lots more people? 149 more words

Deborah Hansen

Mid-April Life Update Post

I am so, so, incredibly tired right now from a busy few days, so I thought I’d just take a moment and do some free writing about how my day, and things in general, have been for me. 378 more words

Island Style Dance Ballroom Show

Island Style Dance
April 24 | 7:00pm | Fireplace

Island Style Dance Studio & Performing Company, L.L.C. is dedicated to preserving and sharing the dances of the Polynesian Islands. 48 more words

In The Library

USA Dance Nationals 2015

So, here’s a quick update on USA Dance Nationals, which took place in Baltimore at the end of March.  (There’s another NDCA Nationals that occurred in Utah a few weeks earlier – I haven’t been to that but it looks awesome.)  We danced novice and pre-champ standard and pre-champ/champ smooth.   853 more words

Personal Experience