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Partner Required. Inquire Within.

“Do you wanna dance?” cooed a young Bette Midler in her breathiest, most innuendo laden tone, building to an explosive vocal climax. My first International Rumba, pro-am showcase, cheekily attempted at the Ohio Star Ball, before I possessed more than a sketchy idea of what a “hip settle” was, displayed more attitude than technique. 424 more words

Shake, Shake, Shake!

Tattoos of six-shooters adorned her hip bones. A permanent scarab appeared tempted to nibble her sternum. Green gauges elongated what were once delicate earlobes framed by Crayola-red hair. 703 more words

社交ダンス / Ballroom Dancing

今日は学校の「Ballroom Dancing(社交ダンス)クラブ」にお邪魔してきました。学校には「アートクラブ」、「シンギングクラブ」など個人が企画するさまざまな部活動があります。中でもこの「社交ダンスクラブ」は特に頻繁に活動が行われています。




かく言う私は根っこからのシャイなので未だにできないのですが。>< アメリカのようなオープンな環境の中で育ってみたかったです。^^*


Barrytown College

Rumba: The Dance of Love

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great week (the last week of February)! I was in my Gold Latin class a couple weeks ago and we were talking about different dynamics and necessities for each Latin dance. 607 more words


Get Your Oxytocin!

Ever heard of the “cuddle chemical” AKA the “trust hormone?” Nature’s gift to new mothers, particularly when it seems that deep, unbroken sleep will never come again, the hormone oxytocin issues from the pituitary gland and does its part to ensure birth, breastfeeding and the ultimate survival of the species. 813 more words

Think Happy, Be Happy :)

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had such a great Valentine’s Day, however you spent it! I got to take a short trip to NC to spend the weekend with my boyfriend….we had such an amazing time together! 508 more words