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Book Review - What You See Is Not What You Do: A Simple Formula for Ballroom Dancing by Nick and Lena Kosovich

Back in July, one of my readers sent me What You See Is Not What You Do: A Simple Formula for Ballroom Dancing. Although he felt the book moved a little slowly, he highly recommended it for the great information it contained, which had helped him several times while trying to conquer a challenging new dance step. 861 more words


When it rains....

It inevitably pours…

I have been quiet lately, but mostly because I was having a hard time finding something positive to say. A lot has happened over the past 2 weeks and it doesn’t look like things are going to improve in the short term. 583 more words

Ballroom Dance

Am I a Dance Snob?

So, I’m reading a post on this site danceplace.¬† I would provide a link but they’ve got a very professional site with what looks to be a little community and I’m just the guy driving the beat up pick up truck.¬† 924 more words

Ballroom Dancing


That’s what we call the anniversary of the day we are diagnosed.

Today is my two-year cancer-versary.

I don’t think anyone forgets the day they hear the words ‘I am sorry but the biopsy came back positive for cancer’. 573 more words

Ballroom Dance

Star Dance Tour - Ohio Star Ball!

Update: Teacher and partner made it into the semifinal round of the Open Pro Smooth event. They WON the audience wildcard vote, so they were still able to perform their show dance! 465 more words


The Current Standings

Sorry I left you all hanging like that. Typing was too much of an inconvenience for me and homeschool paperwork takes¬†precedence over blogging. Now my hand is almost normal, so I’ll try to get the emotions under control and spill the story. 806 more words


On the Edge of Hope

I was chatting with Ballroom Viking the other night and he was telling me about how excited and already exhausted he was about the upcoming dance season. 582 more words