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Scheduling Pet-Peeves

There aren’t a lot of things that really irritate me.

Having things that affect me rescheduled without a reason, and especially last minute are near the top of the list of those that do. 614 more words

Ballroom Dance

The Next Chapter and Square One

I’m feeling rundown at the moment, but that’s because I started moving this past weekend. Yes, I have a place to live! I’ve experienced it over and over, but it still seems crazy to me how it can feel like progress has completely stalled and then all of a sudden, something gives way and everything comes together all at once. 876 more words


Searching Searching

I have about 10 minutes before my lesson starts. I got to the studio really early, so I’ve already done my stretching, drills and a little choreo review. 445 more words


Mary Murphy on So You Think You Can Dance & the “the positive human connection” of ballroom dance

“If you would have told me when I was growing up that I would become a professional ballroom dancer, I would have said you were insane.” 1,356 more words

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Open Mixed Division

I fully recognize I am probably about to open a can of worms, and bring up potentially controversial issues.

I want to start by saying this is only the result of my own late night insomniac thinking, and none of the examples used are of people or situations I actually know.  1,645 more words

Ballroom Dance

Own It

I know it’s been longer than usual since I last posted. Searching for a place to live has been stressing me out of my gourd, which has left me with some major writer’s block. 1,011 more words


Bitter smooth

I don’t know why I still feel upset about stopping smooth, but I do.

Perhaps it is just that I have watched others compete in it recently (in case you are in a dance bubble, Blackpool is on, absolutely fabulous to watch and had Pro/am events in 4 styles and pro American style events for the first time), and that is just highlighting the loss to me. 341 more words

Ballroom Dance