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Countdown to The Royal Ball: 12 Hours!

Happy Friday all! It’s still light outside, but after I finish this post, I’m getting ready for bed. I’m waking up at 3am tomorrow to get ready for the Royal Ball! 287 more words


Rumba Walks

Link to If you’ve ever taken Latin ballroom, you’ve heard of rumba walks and I can guarantee they were the ban of your existence.  As they are now the bane of my existence. 170 more words


Countdown to The Royal Ball: 1 Week - Surrounded by Dementors

Wasn’t it just a couple weeks ago that I was finally admitting I don’t suck as a dancer? Well, the demons have exacted their revenge for being shelved. 1,186 more words


Admitting I Don't Suck - A Dancer's Quandary

It’s not easy to admit when you’re wrong, and even harder to admit when you were wrong about completely sucking as a dancer. It’s weird because it’s like you’re humbling and boosting yourself at the same time. 882 more words


The Epic Cost of Dance

So without any hesitation I am going to pay for 40 lessons with a CAD$3800 + tax price tag. This is no surprise to me, as I have no impulse control and a huge curiosity – which should have a ‘u’ in it but doesn’t because this is an American site and they make me doubt the most basic rules of spelling. 145 more words


Tango Fans

tango fans

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Dance Turns

So I’m horrendous at turns. Fun fact.

There are two turns – that I know of – and I’m bad at 1.5 of them. I can take two steps and then I reenact Tom cat slipping on ice. 249 more words