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The hair debate

My hair is at a really awkward stage right now as far as dance.

It is too short to put up, but too long to just leave it to the fairies to style.  714 more words

Ballroom Dance

The Return of the California Living Dead

It’s been two weeks since my last post?? Man, time sure flies when you’re sick and travelling. I’ve been feeling guilty about not dropping in to say hello and give you an update on the Girl with the Tree Tattoo. 807 more words


2 - Help Teach My Sibling's Special Other To Dance

Most of my life, I imagined what it would be like to help my siblings’ special others learn to dance. This past weekend, I finally got to meet my brother’s girlfriend (after months of waiting) and we had a dance party! 23 more words

The Off Day

(Note:  This is an attempt to reframe a not so great lesson)

Dancing is a physical activity.  The best dancers are athletes.  Athletes have off days.  585 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Absolute Beginners

When I got to Studio B last night, I caught the end of a new beginner’s ballroom group class that had just started that day.  This seems to be the thing for Studio B.   761 more words

Ballroom Dancing

New Year, Same Waltz

Technically, it isn’t exactly the same since we added a new piece tonight but tonight’s lesson was a continuation of the last lesson of 2016.  Working on finishing the open waltz and then polishing the rough spots.  989 more words

Ballroom Dancing

First Lesson of 2017

So I talked about the last lesson of 2016 which means it is only fitting to talk about the first lesson of 2017.  It was last night at Studio B and we are working on Fox Trot. 857 more words

Ballroom Dancing