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And the journey is extended....

I got a call today.

I didn’t expect to get a call so soon, but I also didn’t expect the news in it.

The call was from my Plastic Surgeon’s office (yay!), but it was to say that my surgery, which was supposed to be scheduled for the end of October, is actually scheduled for November 26th.  522 more words

Ballroom Dance

A thought on 'Dancesport'

I will warn that this post is completely my opinion as an inexperienced pro/am student, but also as a spectator.  I came across this link today: … 176 more words

Ballroom Dance


I have been feeling a little lax lately, so I took a moment to take stock.  It doesn’t surprise me that I feel unmotivated, with the amount of stress and side effects I am experiencing, there are some days I am doing good to get out of bed. 380 more words

Ballroom Dance

Everything is going to change

No dance until Monday practice.  Just trying to stay relaxed and see how it goes with this week of treatment.  One thing I know for sure, I am going to call on Monday and request that I be taken completely off the steroids for my last two treatments. 641 more words

Ballroom Dance

All Foxtrot, All the Time

Since I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday, figured two today would be ok.

Since the performance is behind us and we have a high-level standard coach coming in a couple weeks, boss decided to start re-focusing on standard again. 524 more words

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I hate it when he is right! :)

Never got a chance to write yesterday, it was a bit emotional trying to wrap my head around having to re-start treatments.

But, treatment 10 on this drug is done, 2 more Fridays to go. 356 more words

Ballroom Dance

Canada Day! Resetting for restarting...

Happy Canada Day!

Just  short one today.

I am pretty stressed about returning to chemo on Friday.  After one week off I am seeing a little bit of what life post-chemo will be like without constant side effects, and I am not eager to return back to them.  339 more words

Ballroom Dance