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Set to travel

At least physically.

Mentally….not so sure.

My mood took a crazy turn over the weekend. I am guessing it’s a combination of stress and hormones. I am back in crazy hot flash zone and that just makes me feel physically ill and tired. 166 more words

Ballroom Dance

What does your dancing need now?

Hello lovely dancers! Just a quick question for you today. I’ve been fighting a migraine all weekend, so I’m trying to minimize my time in front of the computer screen. 370 more words


When tragedy strikes...

A member of our dance studio suddenly passed away in her sleep last week.

I found out the news on my way home from out east when I asked why classes were suddenly canceled. 319 more words

Ballroom Dance

"Dancing with Myself, oh, oh, Dancing with Myself"

I’ve decided to have some fun with the titles making use of song lyrics to highlight the topics of my blog entries–thanks to Billy Idol for this one. 974 more words

Private dance lessons for beginers

Flexible Scheduling: We know that you are busy. Sometimes it is difficult to squeeze everything you want to do in 24 hours. Well, actually less, considering we need to sleep sometime. 383 more words

Dance Lessons

Getting it done

It’s always a challenge to practice while you are traveling.

But I am getting it done.

Not only have I been able to get my practice in, but I have also been able to do my cardio and strength training, although all of that has been due to some good luck and being able to maximize your work time to finish up a bit early and your lunch times. 230 more words

Ballroom Dance

A Review of Emerald Ball 2018 - So Good It Took My Breath Away

I have to say I’m not looking forward to the day coming soon when my tax refund will run out. I’ve done three competitions in as many months and it has been AMAZING. 1,366 more words