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A Real Life Captain America

In this day and age it isn’t often that you can find someone you truly admire and look up to. There are very few heroes like there used to be and we tend to look to our imaginary superheroes of film or television. 502 more words


America's Ballroom Challenge Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 of America’s Ballroom Challenge: International Style!  I was surprised to find out that Mary was an Austrian (random) standard champion.  I pictured her as a rhythm dancer or something, but it turns out she did a bit of everything.  967 more words


The Work

Who signs up for her first ballroom competition for close to 22 months while in the process of moving house across town? Umm, self-moving except for the heaviest items… This kwazy girl! 219 more words

Focus and Follow by Sarah Bryan

I went out dancing Saturday night. That’s no big shock, I know. Tell us something new… It WAS new, though. Instead of my usual weekend studio party, I’d ventured out to a local monthly ballroom group. 280 more words

Bright Ideas


“Your feelings are valid but they don’t always hold the truth”.  A great line from a fellow dance blogger “The Girl with the Tree Tattoo”.  I’m on vacation but the studio and dance are never far from my thoughts and this line has been bouncing around in my head for awhile.  996 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Shoes with Custom Fitting: Expand your dance abilities, prolong your endurance, eliminate foot pain

Ballroom dancers all agree on the same exact pains in dancing. Blisters on your feet, swollen ankles, toes that look like they have been run over… oh the many joys of dancing. 250 more words

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Bargains - May 2015 Edition

I just missed the pre-Mother’s Day sale at Danceshopper, but they might have another special (10% off or thereabouts) around Memorial Day.

They have a LOT of… 314 more words