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Well I thought I was done but there are things still swirling around in my head and a couple of things to talk about.

I think some of you have similar experiences but, for me, there is always some kind of post competition hangover.  841 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Placements and Beyond

One good thing for me is that these events certainly give me a lot to talk about.  But then I know there is at least one of you who likes to binge read so I’ve got to make it worth your while. 1,110 more words

Ballroom Dancing

What Happens Next???

I suppose everyone reacts differently to things like the Big Dance Event.  For me, it is like a series of waves crashing over you.  The first one hits and you aren’t ready for it because you can’t judge the strength and it knocks you around a bit.  794 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Team and Support Staff

Let’s deal with some truth.  I got lost in the open Rumba in the middle and ended up on the wrong foot.  I got the open Cha-Cha messed up and had to stop and start up with the closed.  1,047 more words

Ballroom Dancing

First Impressions

Well most of the dancing for day 1 is over.  Not to worry, I’m doing fine.  Having Kid T here just gives this event a whole new and much more pleasant vibe. 643 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Give Me The Secret Mancub, Clue Me What To Do

So much going on this past weekend! I hope everyone else was out doing as much dancing as I was. If you weren’t, then next weekend you can come out with me to make up for it. 2,425 more words