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If It Looks Like This Then You’re Doing It Right

As I mentioned in my last post, last Thursday night I had to attend my first rehearsal for the upcoming showcase performance. This is a very different setup than any other showcase I’ve ever done. 3,367 more words


Go Into the Scary Spaces

So how was the coaching lesson, you might be asking?  Well, OK, you probably aren’t asking since I doubt you spend your free time wondering about how my ballroom life is going.  1,679 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Just Another Manic Monday

I love my down time.  I hate the feeling of being rushed to get things done because there just isn’t enough time.  Monday’s are sometimes like that because my lesson at Studio B is early in the evening.  1,305 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Dance for Life

Masayang simulan ang umaga sa pagsasayaw. Nakakaganda ng mood, nakakawala ng stress at nakatutulong hindi lang sa physical kundi sa emotional at psychological health rin natin. 1,716 more words

You Put Your Arms Around Me And I’m Home

I had thought that my life would relax a little as the holidays drew closer. It seems like I was totally wrong in that assumption… 3,919 more words


Swango and Plant Rescue

Three lessons in two days.  Lots of dancing to discuss.  Plus a little extra bonus personality thing just in case you needed any additional insight into the person behind these words.  1,401 more words

Ballroom Dancing