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Racing, And Pacing, And Plotting The Course

My last Sunday was a lot of fun, so I think I’m just going to skip everything else and go straight there…

I mentioned a workshop being held this past weekend at the Endless Dance Hall when I wrote a couple of weeks ago, and it was a fascinating experience to go to. 1,951 more words


Solos for Girls

Among the 18th-century dances surviving in notation are fourteen solos for unnamed female dancers. Who were these solos created for? What sort of choreographies are they? 496 more words

Baroque Dance

On Quickstep

Quickstep – not the passion of Tango, not the aristocracy of Viennese Waltz, not the sexyness of Bolero – but Quickstep’s characteristics are quick, joyful, energetic, light-hearted, smooth, glamorous, flowing, cheerful, graceful, exuberant, playful, weightless, spontaneous, and carefree… 246 more words

Dancing With The Stars

Austin Open 2015 - It's All About Dance

There is one simply sad truth that when you’re no longer in a relationship, you don’t know whom to brag about your dances :-< So I just post here and, yay, congrats for following me and finding these videos, somehow, enjoyable… 331 more words


Ballroom dancing as a sport!

CLEVELAND – A local teacher decided to take his passion for ballroom dancing to his students. Warren Parks and his wife Jeri have now made ballroom dancing an alternative sport at three local high schools. 38 more words

Morning Show

Would You Care to Dance?

Yesterday, on my lunch, I met Emil to dance at St. Paul’s Villa, a home for seniors. They had ballroom dancing: waltz, tango, etc. If you’ve never been to a dance at a senior home, you may not know what to imagine as you read, so let me outline a picture for you, and you can add your own color. 692 more words

Life Transformations

What Doesn't Kill You Makes A Fighter

Friday nights this month are American Waltz. Apparently lots of people really like Waltz, because more people than I am used to seeing have been attending these classes with us. 1,646 more words