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Mambo Mambo

I have decided that from now on, New Girls’ blog name shall be Vanna.  The main reason for giving her a name is that there is another female instructor who just started, so she’s no longer the New Girl.  938 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Viewed Through a Distorted Lens

Well the magic wore off and I turned back into a doubting pumpkin.  Part of it was just the fact that I was tired and it was rainy and gloomy and it influenced my mood.  591 more words

Ballroom Dancing

One Moment

It was only a brief moment in a 45 minute lesson but it was huge and exciting.  We were doing our Waltz and it is a step I’ve done thousands of time.  238 more words

Ballroom Dancing

When the Going Gets Tough ...

Still not in the best of moods.  Let’s just say there is a lot of negative energy out there and it takes a toll.  Boy, that sounded kind of new-agey, didn’t it.  1,327 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dance Partner Wanted - Craigslist Ad

I haven’t shared much about what’s been going on with me and my ballroom dancing.

I believe it was Labor Day that I reignited my quest to find a ballroom dance partner by placing yet another ad on craigslist.org. 571 more words

Ballroom Dancing

3-Dimensional Partnering Design

When shown a simple shape in 2-dimensions then the same shape in 3-dimensions, already you can see that the second is more appealing to the eye. 564 more words


I Ran So Far Away

I just ran.

I ran all night and day.

I couldn’t get away.

In retrospect, I wonder if my anxiety over the studio party was just some kind of premonition about what was to come. 1,881 more words

Ballroom Dancing