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This is the long list of the previous 20 Premier League winning teams: Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Manchester City and Manchester United. Four teams have dominated the premier league for 20 years.

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The Unfair Criticism of Cam Newton

If your highest level of athletic achievements includes making the JV team, flag football star, intramural champion or any other related title, then this article may or may not offend you. 548 more words

Caught Red-Handed

The entire time I’ve lived in Chicago, I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve never really experienced any crime. I know it happens everywhere and to every type of person but I’ve been pretty lucky these past six years and for that I am grateful. 428 more words

Let's Change the Name of What's Strong

FAIR WARNING: There’s some frank language in this blog post, and I’m sure that it probably won’t bother anyone because it’s nothing vulgar (if you’re going to get offended by anything in this blog post, most likely it’s going to be the feministic aspects of it) but because it differs from my normal blog posts in that instance, I thought I would let you know beforehand. 638 more words


"I'll have the #2, please."

Why Ballsy is Better

I recently met up with my girlfriend who was in town for a few nights.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at her apartment, and since her chosen profession is in the airline industry & I don’t see her too often, we decided to mosey on over to the local neighborhood dive for a few drinks. 1,096 more words


What Are Ten Compliments You Can Offer Today?

For our Idea Tribe: Day 50

  1. Firstly, I’d like to praise everyone in the Idea Tribe. Your ideas are even more brilliant than I could have imagined on day 1.
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