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Five reasons why I love Adele 

If you ask me what my favorite song is right now it would have to be Adele’s Send My Love. I love her ballsy IDGAF attitude which comes across raw in the video from the way she crinkles her nose to the dismissal of her ex lover with a wave of her hands.   254 more words


Education Improves Your Ceiling Height

Is it time to dust off that backpack?

I realize that for some of us, high school was a long time ago. I mean loooonggggg ago. 233 more words


Run Boy Run

It’s a nice afternoon. The view is amazing. The two of you are going for a serene walk soon. Your face is calm and patient. He’s gushing and super excited about everything thats going on. 553 more words


Take A Load Off

Is it different being a female entrepreneur than a male? Well, never having been a male, I’m not sure of the answer. But having been a female for a very long time (as in always), I know what the experience is like for me. 100 more words


Catching Up on Ballsy

You know that moment when you think, Hey! I’ve got some other things to share. This is that moment.

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Ballsy In Review - Growth, Why and the Message in Between

So what is Ballsy? Other than a FANTASTIC way to describe a wide variety of the human population who choose entrepreneurship as a way of life? 283 more words


Monday Bacon: From The Beginning

When we had tosabarbell built up, I had very specific ideas on the energy I wanted. See, I had just spent two years in a gym where A. 790 more words