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We’ve been tip-toeing up to summer all through September, but every warm day we had was immediately followed by coats and boots or frozen rainy weather. 596 more words


The Pantry Manly

My first birthday in Australia in 6 years was never going to be anything else than a family day. Living overseas everyone has their own lonely moments and mine was inevitably my birthday. 406 more words


March 2015: Balmoral Beach

A few years ago I wrote about the shell collection. In March I found myself back at Balmoral Beach, scampering barefoot over the rocky shoreline, trying to fit between the sandstone boulders that one contained precious ‘secret caves’ – little alcoves that were repositories for broken bits of shell and sea-worn glass. 50 more words


Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach: A Romance Surprise

Our sixth anniversary had arrived and we had managed to score baby sitting for the day. The original plan was to go out for a lovely meal, but we always do that as we don’t want to be away from the kids for too long. 493 more words


Coffee Tent Round-Up 5

Two weeks into my mission to cut back on caffeine, and it seems that we do truly crave what we can’t have. To compensate for my new self-imposed one-a-day rule, I have hit the cafes hard this week, never once returning to an old favourite. 720 more words


Balmoral Beach

The best beach I have visited in Sydney so far has to be Balmoral. A stretch of golden sand presided over by turquoise seas, expensive yachts, elegant buildings and tall palm trees, it has a real sense of old-style glamour. 188 more words