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Military offensives in Tump and Sui areas - Balochistan Today reports

Balochistan Today: Pakistani forces conducted military operations in different areas of Tump, occupied Balochistan. Forces are reportedly using latest weaponry against civil populace.

According to BT sources, Military operations have been conducted in Kulbar, Zamuran and Girdonva areas of Tump. 82 more words


Baloch social worker and news editor whishked away - Balochistan Today Reports

Balochistan Today: Baloch social worker and Editor of Labzank Hub Balochi’s editor, comrade Abdul Wahid Baloch, has been whishked away, on Tuesday evening.

According to details, Wahid and his friend identified as Sabir Naagmaan were traveling from Omar Kot to Karachi when unknown men, allegedly driving an intelligence agency vehicle, had picked them up. 13 more words


بلوچ لانگ مارچ یورپ میں!

زامران بلوچ

کہتے ہیں کہ چین میں ماؤزئے تنگ کی لانگ مارچ کے بعد زیادہ مسافت طے کرنے والا دوسرا لانگ مارچ بلوچ اسیران کی بازیابی کا


CPEC: Stay The Course And Be Vigilant

By Masood Khan

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is on track. To recap, the CPEC has 1+4 components – the Corridor itself plus the Gwadar Port, infrastructure development, energy and industrial cooperation. 1,029 more words


بلوچ لاشیں اور بے حس عوام

ذوالفقار علی زلفی

جنگ گروپ کے انگریزی روزنامہ “دی نیوز” نے 25 جولائی 2016 کو سرکاری دستاویزات کے حوالے سے ایک رپورٹ جاری


Dead body found in Khuzdar - Balochistan Today

Balochistan Today: A mutilated dead body has been recovered from Khuzdar, occupied Balochistan.

According to reports, a dead body, suspected three days old, was found in Tahseel Naal area in Khuzdar. 13 more words


Six killed in a huge explosion in Dera Bugti - Balochistan Today

Balochistan Today: A vehicle of Pakistani armed forces was hit by an explosion in Dera Bugti. Six killed and two wounded. 

According to details, a vehicle of the security forces hit an explosion near Chakar Khor (a stream) in Uzmaan area of Dera Bugti. 37 more words