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Modern art is baloney - The Boston Globe

via Modern art is baloney – The Boston Globe.

This article is amusing in so many ways. Besides food actually being a material and is processed–unless one goes out and bites a cow–except for raw fruits and vegetables, the spiel needs a little more sophistication.


Processed meats now categorized the same as asbestos, formaldehyde & mustard gas.

After the review of over 400 studies all processed meats are now classified as Group 1, carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization so if you’re a consumer of them, please take note. 264 more words


Upside down

Have you ever lain on the floor upside down?

So that your smiling brow resembles a frown?

Things look different when you’re on your back. 77 more words

Thingy Story

What Will Happen Tomorrow

Behold the vision shown unto me by the Flying Spaghetti monster, all praise be to his noodly name!

Tomorrow, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) will unveil a major discovery about the red planet (Mars) to the world. 494 more words



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God Loves D'banj (and his music)

It happened in church today. You are most likely familiar (especially if you attend a Yoruba dominated church where the talking drum is employed in worship) with that moment when singing halts and the talking-drummer is allowed to roll-out and display his drumming skills with everybody digging it down… 585 more words


Tangelo dream

The team you choose has great power over you. I have a friend who is a New England Patriots fan but he does not like Bill Belichick or Tom Brady. 2,513 more words

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