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Baloney (or) Beer

Looking back on my life, I notice there was never an age when both baloney and beer were part of my diet.  Additionally, the few years during which I had outgrown baloney but had not yet started drinking beer coincided with my ideal weight, fastest running times, and peak overall health. 16 more words


Banana Meat and Flantastic Flan

I’m too much of a dedicated writer to be a good cook.

I will always choose jotting down a creative thought over food preparation. I am living proof of Einstein’s theory of the relativity of space and time. 1,195 more words

Human Nature


“We’re going to make you and your families secure and prosperous, prosperous again. Together, we will put the American people first again, first again. We will make our communities wealthy. 65 more words


Mustard's natural mate

do you see that only yellow bottle in your fridge? Usually waiting to be Katchup’s sidekick? The heroic, but not hero of your burger? The Robin to Batman, Tonto to the Lone Ranger, Vice President, of the hotdog bun? 173 more words

Digging Out

It’s amazing

What we need a shovel for in life.

To dig out of.

That stuff falls every where.


Life Chatter

Stupid inventions...

Nothing can be more annoying then having to blow on your noodles all day!  Hence, the handy and indispensable: ‘Chop sticks with a fan’ invention…  I don’t know what’s wrong with waiting until it’s ready?  188 more words


Arsenal Versus Watford: Candles In The Wind

What a weekend this could turn into. Shotta said he experienced the kind of disturbance in his waters which set off a rumbling in his tail bone causing him to wonder if the stars might align in our favour in one giant, glorious three day festival of sporting joy. 1,266 more words

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