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2016 Project 365, Day 272: Aloot Foods Chorizo

Photo #272: September 28

Wish I took a better picture of Aloot Foods‘ chorizo! After my initial bite, I wanted to eat all of them right away! Hence, this crappy picture. =p

406. Funhogs

She said meaningful intimate things to me, as we walked to our car after a tango lesson at the hillside winery, beneath a full moon. 1,175 more words


The hotlist

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Dubbed the Prince of Pasta, Mitch Orr, Sydney’s ‘it’ chef from the award-winning restaurant Acme, is set to make waves in Singapore as he takes over Maggie Joan’s kitchen for a day. 80 more words


2016 Project 365, Day 248: Aloot Foods Longganisa

Photo #248: September 4

Many thanks to Aloot Foods for sending some goodies all the way from Koronadal! I tried these babies first, longganisa! They come in garlic and sweet variants, which are both good, but Leo and I both enjoyed the former more. 40 more words

Baloney (or) Beer

Looking back on my life, I notice there was never an age when both baloney and beer were part of my diet.  Additionally, the few years during which I had outgrown baloney but had not yet started drinking beer coincided with my ideal weight, fastest running times, and peak overall health. 16 more words


Banana Meat and Flantastic Flan

I’m too much of a dedicated writer to be a good cook.

I will always choose jotting down a creative thought over food preparation. I am living proof of Einstein’s theory of the relativity of space and time. 1,195 more words

Human Nature