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Skepticism and M. King Hubbert's Theories

Today I read a reference to some thoughts by Carl Sagan about “baloney detection.” He did a good job of promoting skepticism. If you have an interest, you could read his book, … 167 more words

Looking back at it... it was only a matter of time before it happened to me.

Probably one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen.  Tall, dark hair, handsome, standing on a hill in what looks like wine country (aka my happy place).  287 more words



I have noticed that many of the early posts on this blog get relatively little traffic, so I have decided to start republishing some of them. 465 more words

Daniel Cassidy


From Hog Head Cheese to Oscar Mayer, it’s all baloney.  It’s National Bologna Day!  I don’t care if you were born a billionaire or one concrete block away from the gutter, you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten fried bologna.  170 more words