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Abstract | It was a mistake

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It was a mistake… 7 more words


Oyez Oyez...Last call for the Jury in the Trial of Involution. Closing Arguments: 1 Prosecution

All Rise

Counsel for the Prosecution.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. You have enjoyed a prolonged recess since the last witness in which to read the book on trial. 1,295 more words

Involution Related Ideas

Overcoming the Shoe Drop Syndrome

I have followed Dan Rockwells’ Leadership Freak Blog for some time, and I have benefited from reading his posts. This one is particularly good. In part because I have an intense dislike for the critique sandwich. 423 more words


The Real Reason (RR): Apollo 13 Failure

NASA wants us to think it was complicated. Conspiracy theory advocates have proposed another idea. Time to show their version. BTW, it was Hellmann’s, not Kraft.




It’s time for CHEF BOY-AR-DEE,

Supper wasn’t enough you see…

The best flavor, Man,

Is right from the can,

As long as you are not  messy! 54 more words

A Caswell Limerick Poem

One Sunday Morning

My title for this post is based solely on a song I heard on a TV show a few years ago.  I only remember the melody and the opening line, “Some Sunday morning….”, but lately that song has been going thru my head constantly.   759 more words


Suh's gives an interview in a restaurant and serves up a "baloney sandwich."

Ndamukong Suh left Detroit for Miami when Miami offered him 114 million dollars.  The Lions tried to keep him for 102 million, but he wasn’t going for it.  435 more words