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Goat Cheese Toasts with Balsamic and Roasted Tomatoes I am a Food Blog

Goat Cheese Toasts with Balsamic and Roasted Tomatoes I am a Food Blog

Neat storage

It’s good to collect all small items that is used regularly in spot with easy access. Not only that, but also to make it look neat & nice on the kitchen bench too.  6 more words

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An unlikely pair...Balsamic Vinegar and Fish Tacos

I know, I know….who would have thought that Balsamic Vinegar and Fish Tacos could coexist? I assure you I was as surprised as I was thrilled when I tried this recipe for Spicy Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw. 91 more words


Balsamic and Brown Sugar Roasted Carrots

Did you know that the common adage that carrots are good for your eyes is actually propaganda put out by the British government in WWII?  In order to explain how a British pilot hit an enemy bomber target at night, without revealing to the German government that the allies had developed Airborne Interception Radar technology, the British government said that the pilot ate tons and tons of carrots, improving his eyesight drastically enough to practically see in the dark.   827 more words

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Farmer's Salad

I recently discovered the restaurant SWEETGREEN and let me tell you it was a game-changer! They have so many delicious salad choices with fresh ingredients that leave you feeling full and happy. 283 more words


roasted strawberry & pistachio merveilleux

Our Saturday market is busier than ever. As we walk to the square where it is held, we come across people with bulging bags of produce, bouquets wrapped in kraft paper, delicate little zucchini and tomato plants ready to be put into the nourishing soil of their gardens. 1,136 more words


Red White & Blueberry Trifle


-1 Angel Food Cake, Cubed

-1 box vanilla pudding mix, made according to box directions

-1/4 cup milk (in addition to milk used in pudding) 152 more words