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Dover to Den Helder

Relaxed start from Dover.  First time allowed to exit from Eastern Entrance.  Great sailing in sunshine.  178 miles.  Wind increasing as we arrived.

Baltic Cruise

Copenhagen -- In transit, September 9, 2017

Something I forgot to post a couple of days ago.  As we left Stockholm, Doug took some neat pictures in the harbour, including a sunset. It’s always a pleasure to watch sunsets; I can’t help but imagine God with a paintbrush in his hand, teasing us humans by giving us a taste of what Heaven might look like. 740 more words

Sea Day -- September 8, 2017

Our last day on the Baltic is fittingly a sea day. When we leave Copenhagen tomorrow, we will be heading into the North Sea to begin our Transatlantic voyage. 95 more words


Best of St Petersburg in 2 days

With canals, cathedrals and royal palaces, there is lot to explore in the Russian city of St Petersburg (SPB). To avoid visa hassles, save time on buying tickets and simplify travel, we chose the 2 days private guided tour option. 781 more words


Discovering the Baltic

I was lucky enough to be treated to a Baltic Cruise this Summer, and I thought you might enjoy a selection of the more artistic, quirky, and crafty things I encountered. 1,660 more words


Berlin by Segway

Berlin is known for it’s history, it’s culture, it’s food.  A city on my hit list for a few years now, and I was finally going to get to visit.   732 more words

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