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Orioles, Baltimore and Orchard.

Baltimore Orioles are regular visitors to our backyard each winter, but Orchard Orioles are rarely seen. North Florida is considered a summer breeding area for the Orchard Oriole but we don’t see them very often. 62 more words

Florida Birds

NestWatch: Being Citizen Scientists in Our Backyards and Parks

On March 21, Dr. Ben VanderWeide, the township’s Natural Areas Stewardship Manager, shared a Cornell Lab of Ornithology presentation on how to safely and accurately monitor bird nests as citizen scientists. 1,639 more words


Introducing #CardSTOCK - Evaluating Baseball's Most Collectible Players!

Welcome to #CardSTOCK , an ongoing series created by Baseball Cards Daily’s Chris Steuber. Having collected and worked in the card industry for over 30 years, Steuber’s insight and knowledge of baseball and the card industry collide in the #CardSTOCK series.  89 more words

One tree, many birds

The Poró gigante (Erythrina poeppigiana) was introduced to Costa Rica from northern South America and is not considered to be a species native to this country. 498 more words

Around Turrialba

Antidote for Gray Day (four photos)

The American Midwest is isolated in a deep freeze. Nature is marked by the lack of color; gray trees and tan fields and crusty white snow. 29 more words


Baltimore Oriole In Flight


A couple images of a male Baltimore Oriole that was flying around in the back yard.




You may be surprised to learn that Baltimore Orioles winter in Florida. Lots of them! All you need do to see them, is put out a grape jelly or fruit feeder. 96 more words