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Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole is a common bird on the eastern part of the USA.  It can be found as far west as central Texas.  It is most noted for the colors of the breast feather that are orange. 68 more words

Ready … Set … Go!


Baltimore Oriole #5


A Male Baltimore Oriole that was at the farm. Not the best shot of one, but it will have too work for now.


Baltimore Oriole

Here’s a small compilation of images, taken in the month of May, of male and female Baltimore Orioles. This was the first time we were able to attract orioles to our residence. 23 more words

Baltimore Oriole

Almost everyone love Grape Jelley

So far this year I’ve had Baltimore and Orchard Orioles at my grape jelly feeder. There is also a pair of Grey Catbirds nesting near the feeder and they also like the jelly. 31 more words

Bird Photography

May 2018: Colorful Memories

After an agonizingly slow start, Spring in Central New York did not disappoint! The month of May has been a delightful mix of activity in living color, plants and animals alike. 54 more words

Nature Photography

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously - Week 21: Bird

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

In mid to late May, the Baltimore Orioles return to Southeastern Pennsylvania. Their song is my favorite of all the birds. 54 more words