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Getting excited about Orioles

I know it’s a little early to be getting excited about the arrival of the orioles but a local grocery store had a great sale on grape jelly this past week. 62 more words

Bird Photography

Spring and all

Elizabeth and I came across this abandoned oriole nest at Croton Point Park this weekend while on the hunt for Bald Eagles (we saw six). It was dangling over the road by the park office, just barely hanging on to its branch—or so it seemed at first, because what a feat of engineering! 130 more words


An old friend returns

On December 4th 2011while banding birds in my yard I caught an adult female Baltimore Oriole. She was the first oriole I banded. Every winter since that day she has visited our yard on an almost daily basis typically between November and March. 255 more words


Western Mass Winter Brings Tracking Opportunities

Some of Nature May Nest but Signs of Movement Remain to be Explored

During the cold months of winter, many of the creatures often seen during the rest of the year have migrated south, are tucked away in burrows for most of the winter, or have become even better at hiding so as not to be easily spotted against the snow. 280 more words

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Baltimore Oriole #7

A male Baltimore Oriole. I’m not sure where I got this one from but here it is any way, enjoy :)


Adult Fasciated tiger-heron reappears

It’s a gloomy day here in San Antonio. The volcano is no longer in sight, though the threat remains. November is threatening to bring constant daily rain, as was often the case until the last couple of years. 395 more words

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