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You may be surprised to learn that Baltimore Orioles winter in Florida. Lots of them! All you need do to see them, is put out a grape jelly or fruit feeder. 96 more words


Birds in the Garden

Cowbird to dove: I was here first, do your worst.

Male house finch with sunflower seed and ready to go.

I saw a Baltimore Oriole the other day. 114 more words


Baltimore Orioles

I usually start seeing this species in our area from mid-to-late September through the cold winter months. Many of them migrate south of Tallahassee but quite a few of them remain here taking advantage of backyard bird feeders and fruit trees. 121 more words


Who's here?

Keeto often asks us, “Who’s here?”   Well, this morning, when I opened up the blinds to look at the back yard, I was excited to see a flock of baltimore orioles in the bird bath/fountain that I put out in the spring.  69 more words


Really, tell me more …

You’re kidding me …

I’m telling you, it’s not fake news.


Montrose Point, August 12, 2017

We had a warm, sunny day at Montrose Point. Beautiful conditions.  We arrived at a non-peak time, we usually do. Very many starlings, House Sparrows, and female R-W Blackbirds were out. 83 more words

Birds in the Wild

Aren’t they beautiful?

Baby just went home with momma. Both are sick with colds. She’ll come back tomorrow when her momma and daddy are looking for a new car. 102 more words