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Featherweight fighters

A Red-tailed hawk hadn’t been perching for too long before it was attacked by various other birds, including Red-winged blackbirds and Baltimore orioles.

During nesting season the smaller birds were taking no chances, and the hawk reluctantly left to go look for lunch elsewhere. 12 more words


Hiking the High Country

Northwoods Journal
Saturday, May 23, 2015

(No journal post for Friday. The morning was spent going to garage sales between Atlanta and Lewiston, which all turned out to be fairly disappointing. 1,082 more words


Wicked Orange

Baltimore Oriole, male. (Icterus galbula)


Day 159: Drawing a Day

Baltimore Oriole in chalk pastel. This is the first spring that I saw this beautiful bird outside a photograph thanks to a relaxed but aware walk by myself in my neighbourhood on a beautiful day. 42 more words



I didn’t think we’d have a chance to get to Pelee this spring but in spite of arriving later in the day than would have been ideal, we packed a lunch, jumped in the car and arrived at the park in the early afternoon. 106 more words

Five Photographs: Anna Durand (Christmas in May, Baltimore Orioles in Michigan, and... Thomas Edison)

Anna Durand shares her Five Photographs today. Among them, a hand-painted miniature village and a Baltimore Oriole (for bird lovers, not baseball fans :-) ). And for anyone who’s struggling with whatever goal they’re currently trying to achieve, she’s got some great advice: DON’T QUIT! 1,041 more words

Jill Archer

Perth Wetlands

It was an amazing long weekend of birding. On Day One, Saturday, we started off by making an afternoon trip to Mitchell to see what was happening at the Wetlands since our last visit. 158 more words