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8 Seconds: Baltimore Police Breaks Silence on Day of Det. Sean Suiter's Death

Det. Sean Suiter was shot in the back of his head on November 15, 2017 and died the next day of the injuries associated with that single shot.  1,683 more words

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Reflections from Retiring NWEA CEO Matt Chapman

K-12 Education is a lot better off for the 11 years of service Matt Chapman gave to us through his work as CEO of NWEA. Here is his final blog post–hope you enjoy it! 956 more words

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Shoot to Kill: Why Baltimore is one of the most lethal cities in the U.S.

Quinzell Covington went on a shooting “caper” for the first time in the late 1990s with his cousins and friends. The tough guys who raised him in ways of the streets pulled the trigger that day.

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Guns; The Baltimore Sun, misquotations and revisionism

The topic of guns in America is a huge one, full of controversy and very heated rhetoric. I’d comfortably say that I’ve read a large amount from the anti-gun side, and can only conclude that it is fuelled by emotion not and reason, but… 2,341 more words

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