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what's to eat

Prelude to a filling lunch, and much beloved in Bamako: Vietnamese nem, seasoned and ground beef and onions wrapped in a fried, crispy rice paper. 7 more words


Niger Trip

Just a week after arriving in Bamako, we went for a little trip on Niger river in the middle of the town. It’s curious, (at least to me)  having such huge river splitting town in two, and the way it impacts people life, or the ways it could! 62 more words

Challenging Bamako!

Funny how a new environment could be surprisingly “NEW”. Though no the first time in the continent, settling in Bamako for me beard a few surprises and challenges. 117 more words

on houses

what’s your house like ?

not the one that keeps you out of the rain, but the one to which you retreat when times are tough.  148 more words


Soldiers, rifles, and ice cream

The year is 1972. We’ve spent a week in Morocco and now we’re in Mali to visit our friends. Their house is too small to accommodate us, but we’ve been offered the apartment belonging to a young couple from France who are away for a few weeks in Europe. 320 more words


ECAir opens a new route to Bamako and Dakar

ECAir – Equatorial Congo Airlines (Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo) has announced it will inaugurate a new route from Brazzaville to Bamako and Dakar starting on Sunday, March 22. 263 more words


what's to eat

Saturday’s lunch at a training for Malian doctors, by three foreign epidemiologists, put on at the Centre Aoua Keita in Bamako:

Chebjen (aka Ceebu Jën, or Thiéboudienne… 12 more words