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Samba Touré - you will never change what you really are..

Its when we begin taking things for granted and start categorizing into square boxes that we fall short.
For that reason it’s important to touch base with true values from time to time. 2,303 more words

Peace in Mali

On June 21st Mali’s rival rebel groups signed a peace accord that everyone is hoping will bring a new beginning here in Mali. Yes, this is one of many peace accord’s that have been discussed since the coup-d’etat in 2012 but everyone, myself included, is hoping that this is the one that sticks. 106 more words

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Kalkuta Live Music

 Step into this dark and sultry live music venue any day of the week and you can catch amateur music that is pretty decent. With a large dance floor and plenty of seating this place heats up after 12:00am and is a great place for any group. 54 more words


You're Lookin' Swell Mali: Saying Goodbye to Our Bamako Adventure

As a kid I was obsessed with Africa, mostly fueled by what I saw on TV. There was the TV series Daktari starring Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion, who made me feel both terrified and super sad at the same time (“Watch out! 3,398 more words


Why Don't We See More African Films?

In my childhood Timbuktu was an imaginary place, mythically far-flung, a bit like Samarkand, and the discovery that both were real came as a surprise. Abderrahmane Sissako’s film of that name has an almost mythic patina to it, a golden dustiness that rises from the colours of desert and buildings alike. 1,179 more words
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Armed Men Ambush Mali Police Base

Dozens of unidentified, armed men, suspected of being Islamist fighters, have ambushed a police base in southern Mali. 272 more words


To the Heroes of Cultural Preservation, Happy International Archives Day!

by Naomi House 

Happy International Archives Day to the Heroes of Cultural Preservation!

All of us at T160K want to wish a Happy International Archives Day… 408 more words

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