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Wednesday 03-29-17

Looking good, right?

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get all the grass done and then all that will be left is the white flowers at the bottom and the rock or stump – whatever Thumper is lying on. 139 more words


The blurred barriers between you and your pet

Recently I was watching a television program about a group of researchers from the University of Cambridge who undertook a 2 year study on the behavioural traits of meerkats. 987 more words


Tuesday 03-28-17

It’s unimpressive, but whatever. I can only do what I can do, stop pressuring me! ;)

Both of the tree trunks are assembled, and I was able to attach one of the falling petals near one of them; then I started filling in between the trees. 282 more words


Disturbing Disney #5: The death of Bambi's Mother (1942)

If you ask most of the young adults in my generation when and how they first learned about death in film; the answer is more than likely to be Mufasa’s death in… 715 more words


Monday 03-27-17

It doesn’t look like much progress, but I’m pleased with what I got done today. I finally found the last piece of the filmstrip (yay!), filled in the pale yellow, assembled the rock next to Flower and attached it to Bambi, assembled most of the butterfly, and found all the pieces I was missing at the top of the puzzle. 101 more words


Sunday 03-26-17

Pink flowers complete! I even got the five petals falling from the tree. It’s starting to come together, and I’m getting sad that it’s almost over. 201 more words


Saturday 03-25-17

Today was slower than I’d hoped, but I did make progress so I refuse to complain. Much.

Mom came over this evening and helped a little so that she has officially helped me on all 10 sections of this puzzle.   248 more words