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Get Your Steam On: How to Cook with a Bamboo Steamer

Today we’re putting a little spin on our usual Thursday recipe and combining it with a bit of a product review for you!

Although steamed vegetables sound like the epitome of a “health food” they also usually have a stigma as being a bland and boring way to get your five daily produce servings in. 1,132 more words

Kitchen Wish List

Occasionally, I’ll post about cooking tools I’d like to have in the near or distant future. I’m thinking right now about getting a bamboo or stainless steel steamer. 110 more words

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Dim Sum Yummy Dumplings


I’m going to start this little story by making a confession. I really love to cook, and I really love to try new recipes and different types of food. 1,259 more words

Unconventional Farmhouse

Steamed Chicken Momos

The popular street dumplings. Just master the technique and you can use endless combination of ingredients (stuffing) to suit your palate.

Preparation Time 25-30 minutes… 327 more words


One storey, another and perhaps a few more: Steamed Lime Chicken with its Summer Friend the Courgette.

chicken bamboo steamer ans spring onions


squeezed limes skins and pulp

julienned spring onions


soy sauce

sesame oil

peanut oil

brown sugar

julienned courgette… 546 more words


Spicy Steamed Chicken with Udon Noodles

My extreme love for food sure makes it tough for me to stay healthy at all times! I mean food is my biggest vice but at the same time I like to live a healthy active life. 745 more words

Bamboo Steamer

Surely Worth The Effort

I have always enjoyed a fascination with Eastern cultures. Houses built of paper, water drainage done by upside-down bells on a chain, the prosperous warmth of the colour red and, surely my favourite, the intricacies of Eastern cuisine. 775 more words

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