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How to insert a bamboo comforter

How to insert a bamboo comforter video

For further information have a read of this review of a bamboo comforter.


Ford is increasingly bio-based: the new frontier is bamboo

“You’ve probably sat on it, built with it, and maybe even eaten it, but did you know that your car could be next to benefit from bamboo, one of the world’s strongest natural materials?” This question is asked by the Ford Motor Company, the global automotive and mobility company based in Dearborn, Michigan, with about 201,000 employees and 62 plants worldwide. 515 more words


Rafts that just about float . . .

We were advised that we would not get wet when rafting, because we would be sitting on small seats that would keep our clothes from being wet. 482 more words


Bamboe, het nieuwe hout!

De botanische woontrend is nog steeds populair. Niet zo gek, want een kamer met exotisch behang, kelim tapijt, zachte kussens, veel planten en kekke naturel meubeltjes geeft al snel een warme sfeer. 396 more words



Do you remember this? How often do you come here when you were a child? or until now you’re not yet sleeping inside this? hahaha! No Filipino was not able to be in “bahay-kubo”.😍😊🙃


Cutting bamboos for the battle between man and nature

When you leave the coast road into the small road leading up to our house, you first pass through a small bamboo forest. This fast growing grass, mostly growing in the tropics, has found a safe haven here to the joy of all of us who have gardens. 277 more words