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How's It Growing?

A Chinese bamboo seed stays hidden in the ground forĀ 4 years. It shows NO amountĀ of growth on the surface for that entire amount of time. 317 more words


Konjac Sponge Review

I started following the Acne.org Regimen 2 years ago, which is essentially a routine that promotes the use of gentle cleansers, moisturizers and 2.5% BP to control acne. 283 more words

Types of Golf Tees

There are a variety of different types of golf tees from wood to bamboo to plastic. Many of the plastic tees made now days are biodegradable. 458 more words



Sustainability is not a simple concept, it is vast, complex and often quite personal to particular people, cultures and environments. Bamboom jersey in particular is a material that has caused be no amount of distress, to say I have spent time, on countless occasions, contemplating its actual ecological impact and the ethics of its use would be an accurate statement. 530 more words