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Burning Down The House

Here’s my latest piece for FilmBar Phoenix. This one looks back on my favorite Spike Lee joint (and no, it’s not “Bamboozled”… although, to be honest, I really do like “Bamboozled”). 12 more words

The Strength of Bamboo in Rakugo Shinjuu

At the end of the second season’s fourth episode, Yakumo regretfully stares at a folding fan or sensu, bearing Sukeroku’s name and closes it after a deep sigh. 461 more words



A chopmix video with a sliding theme incorporated – Blended theme for thought — http://wrecko.wordpress.com

Conflicted, Black, and Misunderstood

What does it fully mean to be a black man in America?

I wake up every day and face the reality that I am a black man.

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The Representative

If you’re dating this type of person, a representative, here is something you need to know.

Representatives are people who show up, and portray the role of the ideal mate; or in the words of my son, ” the one this just right  for you.” This person can be a man or woman, presenting themselves as the quintessential person to have a romantic relationship with. 91 more words

Random Thoughts

Dave Chappelle in Chi-Raq

Ever since we watched Hollywood Shuffle and Bamboozled, Dave Chappelle and his decision to leave his highly successful show in the mid-2000s has been very interesting to me. 112 more words