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Because I have a mental illness I used to mistake other mental illnesses for being like mine. I also mistook horrible human beings as having an illness. 334 more words

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Why Isn't There a Public Budget Hearing for the Wilmington Treasurer's Office?

It is Budget Season for the City of Wilmington, which means that there are several weeks of Finance Committee meetings where Department Heads from all City Departments (except the Mayor’s office and City Council) provide a detailed public overview of their planned spending and goals for the upcoming year. 500 more words


Dear Councilman Guy, Stop Undermining City Council

There’s one big thing that the Wilmington City Council has failed to do since its January swearing in and that is to make much progress in coming together as a team to address the work they are supposed to do on behalf of the citizens of the City of Wilmington. 801 more words


New Development in Wilmington Does Not Need NPC Approvals

One of the things that multiple parties in Wilmington are trying to promote is additional development in the City.  Or at least, in some parts of the city.  597 more words


Burning Down The House

Here’s my latest piece for FilmBar Phoenix. This one looks back on my favorite Spike Lee joint (and no, it’s not “Bamboozled”… although, to be honest, I really do like “Bamboozled”). 12 more words

The Strength of Bamboo in Rakugo Shinjuu

At the end of the second season’s fourth episode, Yakumo regretfully stares at a folding fan or sensu, bearing Sukeroku’s name and closes it after a deep sigh. 461 more words