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Cameroon: The "Anglophone Problem"

Recent strikes in the English speaking regions of Cameroon have reminded us (at least me) that colonisation left in Cameroon some sort of indelible marks that pose a threat to the national peace and unity. 693 more words


Mancho Bibixy the strike leader's friend/assistant has been arrested!

Mancho Bibixy a radio presenter at Abakwa fm, who spear headed the protest against the Cameroonian government that took place in Bamenda on the 21st of November, 2016 was accompanied and assisted by a friend (name not disclosed to us) who has been arrested this afternoon and is now under police custody. 87 more words


The United States react to the current ongoing civil unrest in Cameroon

For a while now North West and South West Regions of Cameroon launched a peaceful strike to let the government know they weren’t happy about the way they the minority were being treated. 395 more words


Language Issues

In Cameroon right now a strike is going on which has already resulted in the shooting deaths of at least two persons in the city of Bamenda. 221 more words

Do you think Its Mandatory for Every Cameroonian artist to make a statement about the ongoing strike in Bamenda, Cameroon?

OK guys this topic might be a little out of our norms but couldn’t help but speak about it. A certain lady called Patience Rocka… 80 more words


Spotlight Bamenda: "If they can't hear us in the boardrooms, they will hear us in the streets!"

Yessss!! My people have finally seen the light and answered the call of the English speaking plight that has been unending in Cameroon.( I know I’m supposed to just report and not take sides according to Media ethics but Honey forget ethics today!

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Bittersweet goodbye

Today we left Bamenda to head off to Batoufam. We had to be at the office at 10 am, and they said the bus would leave between 10 and 11am, and since it’s Cameroonian time, I was thinking probably 11:30. 476 more words