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British Art Medal Society

‘Do Not Forget Those Who Cannot Remember’

Initially hand sculpted in clay, the medal was then cast and made into bronze. Ā The concept of this medal was the detrimental effects of memory loss, leading to one staring out at life, but not remembering who or what they are looking at. Ā  33 more words

Wax Cup

To create my medal ive had to use a lot off processes that take time to set, book or make. This ha given my little bursts of “free” time to work on setting up the later steps, for example creating my wax tree. 300 more words


Accrylic finger printĀ 

After using illustrator to work with the fingerprints and help make them a little clearer and more defined i needed to cut them on the laser cutter so if there was a enough definition to put on my medal . 142 more words


Full scaled 3d ModelĀ 

After the success of the mini 3d Print i decided to re print the medal in 3D at full scale. I needed to see whether the design would function. 217 more words


3D printingĀ 

Whilst creating the finger prints i was also designing the mechanics of the medal and how the individual disks would rotate . After the cardboard maquette i had design an actuall medal with real measurements on rhino. 383 more words


ļ»æMakers disc

After the experiment with the finger prints were successfully i had to think about the other factors of the medal. The mechanics were in motion but I hadn’t yet thought about the marks of a maker. 351 more words