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BAMS Medal Feedback

As with every project individually we receive a feedback form like the one shown that highlights in regards to the ¬†current status of our work from the sketchbooks to research where we are and if this was the final marking which it isn’t this is only formative with the final one being summative which means the grade overall what I would get. 412 more words


Today we had a brief talk from Marcy Levitt Bourne from the British Artist Medals Society. I wouldn’t say the talk itself was particularly useful to me, being so far into the project I had already viewed the powerpoint that we were shown several times along with having studied the BAMS website so thoroughly before starting. 198 more words


How to weave the thread?

I started by weaving the thread in the direction that I have been all along, it worked OK, I don’t particularly like it, I’m not sure why though. 151 more words


Laser Cut

On Rhino I designed a ring sample to then laser cut and to play around with ideas of weaving the thread, colours and thickness of the thread. 64 more words


First Samples

These are my first samples, just done in cardboard. The cardboard was really difficult to work with because it crumpled and changed shape with the tension of the thread. 109 more words


National Mental Health Day

On the 10th October it was national mental health day. I decided to do some more research in to the day and the statistics behind the day. 111 more words


The Edge

On the brief we are asked to design something for the edge and to incorporate it in to the design somehow. I would like the edge to communicate the message of people coming together to help each other so I was thinking possibly something simple like the quote ‘we are stronger together’. 58 more words