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Assignment 1: Knowing where you're at

*Note to Prof. Al: Sir, sorry I had to post here in my WordPress blog. I am unable to access ePortfolio – I cannot register an account and the Mahara ePortfolio site says it is currently encountering issues with Gmail/UPOU/UP accounts.. 405 more words
MMS 172

The exhibition

By the end of the academic year for my own future reference I am aiming to have in the end of year exhibition :-

  • My updated BAMS medal displayed with the rest of Maker Level 5 medals on a separate aspect of the exhibit and my studio book with my display setup.
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Second Year

BAMS Medal

Speaking to Dallas the foundry technician today I discussed the plan of action for the remaining time left before exhibition.Dallas suggested that I put wire around the shape of the vessel covering my medal to give extra support during the burn out and pour part of the process, this is a safeguard due to the first time of doing a bronze pour half of the shells cracked under the pressure of the bronze being poured in. 82 more words

Second Year


This is the baby hand with the spider web outcome I spoke about in my previous post. I’m really happy with this outcome, as I think the spider web is really effective, and creates an unusual and interesting texture. 370 more words


End of week breakdown

This week has seen quite a few things going on through practically all the projects in consideration to outcomes and the exhibit as follows

  • For Bams I need to do two more coats of molochite before burning out, bronze pouring and pettining the surface so far everything has gone to plan and I hope it will remain that way.
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Second Year

Breakdown of projects

From Monday in order to keep on track with the workload every Monday and Friday I will post the progress of each project and what I need to do to achieve this by the following week and the deadline and at this stage this is the progress :- 248 more words

Second Year

Bams Re pour

Given the bronze process didn’t entirely go to plan first time ive reproduced the medal and modified the pieces for exhibit. this has proved challenging as I don’t want the liquid and the malachite to get caught in any gaps this time im hoping to get the two moulds finished tomorrow and on a tree and BAMSĀ is done apart from updating the book of the new images and possibly pettina on the details of the tree and other areas on the medal. 32 more words

Second Year