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Following the method of creating a plaster mould, I created two moulds of my baby hand and spider.

Next I needed to bisc fire, I left a baby hand just as it is with the spider on the back. 283 more words

Spider web

Spider webs I found on my morning walk. I found the patterns really interesting, and how they have a center focus. I wanted to try and create my own version of a spider web. 136 more words


Referring back to David Samson, he talks about the curiosity we have as a child. ” Samson argues that a one year old seeing a spider for the first time would have no natural instinct to be afraid of it and most likely be inquisitive. 185 more words

News: Scottish BAMS 2015 Record of the Year

After much deliberation and polishing off of crusty Yule Logs and leftover turkey, the results are in for the 2015 Scottish BAMS Record of the Year. 459 more words


Medal Delayed

I went in the studio in the week and had a chat with Martyn and I showed him my work that I had done. My mouth mould and my acrylic sample of shattered glass. 148 more words


BAMS Wax Tree Final Coats

In total on the tree, there should be approx. 6-8 coats of molicite and binder depending on the size of your object/tree. The binder is mixed up again, however this time to a ‘single cream’ consistency. 36 more words