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BAMS Re-Visited: Shopping for Materials.

With my upcoming exhibition, I am now beginning to explore my options of purchasing materials that I will need in order to create what I need to present my work at the end of the year. 23 more words


BAMS Re-Visited: Resin Casting and Enquiring into Bronze Casting.

As my first resin cast failed, by a marginal percentage, I went back into Martin Burnell’s workspace to re-cast. This time, I painted the layers as you can see above, and will let them set. 183 more words


BAMS Re-Visited: Artist Statement.

Artist Statement

The purpose of striking this medal was to inspire a new generation of medal engravers. Following this directive, I focused my research and practice on images and materiality I would apply to my individual medal design. 127 more words


BAMS Re-Visited: Resin Cast.

Initially, Martin Burnell suggested I ‘paint’ the resin on and then we could submerge them together. However, this did not go quite as planned, because once they were put together, the resin escaped as the mould was not secured tightly enough to prevent leakages. 48 more words


History of Ayurvedic Surgery

The most common question often asked is whether an Ayurvedic doctor performs surgery? A group of doctors in Meerut in 2016 have conducted the world’s first Ayurvedic Surgery on Ojaswi Sharma, an 83-year-old man who is allergic to Allopathic drugs. 155 more words


BAMS Re-Visited: Moulds and Casting.

The quality of my new mould was tenfold to that of its original counterpart. As you can see from selective photographs above, there are a few comparison shots where my new mould is sitting side by side its original. 271 more words


BAMS Re-Visited: Through the Stages of Development.

As you can see above, my BAMS medal has been through transition; there has been a shift in design, not just of the imagery but of the quality and the processes used, too. 571 more words